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Modernist Post-Impressionist Painting and Reflection

Final Work – Meadow Painting

I got the inspiration for this painting from the Xinjiang mountains and meadows.

Early practices

Meadow painting in process


I decided to paint this because the amalgamation of colors in the meadows can be depicted exquisitely. The bright colors stand out and deliver a clear message of the vivid sky and meadows. It depicts the scenery wonderfully. The meaning I was looking for was to see myself in the meadows and lose myself in the wind amongst the dazzling flowers and the sparkling water of the stream, to sink in the serene environment and be there with someone close to me, listening to music and penetrate the surrounding within. I achieved this by believing I am in a similar setting.

Modernist painting influenced most of the artworks since it has been present. Modernist paintings include a current situation in the paintings which I got on my canvass too, a scenic view of Xinjiang mountain range can be seen. It influenced my artwork by the display of a scenery. I also used the aspects of Post Impressionism, where my brush strokes were prominent and the colors used were vibrant. This painting was also influenced by my current state of mind, that is, subtlety because I was looking for calmness and soothingness that was delivered through this painting. It gives me a sense of freedom and peace and getting lost in the wonderful abode. The Xinjiang mountain range is where I see peace and experience tranquility. These were one of the aspects that influenced my painting.


  1. Hi Cherry,

    I’m impressed by the thought you have put into explaining your artmaking process and decision-making. You have demonstrated a strong understanding of the style of art we have been exploring this unit.

    Your painting definitely shows strong Modernist sensibilities, and I have enjoyed watching it come together – you are always open in sharing your ideas, questions, uncertainties, which is a good way to make art! To further improve your painting I would look to employ more optical perspective by “dulling” the colours of the furthest mountains, and bringing in more variation in the way you have depicted light.

    Thank you, Cherry for the effort and energy you have brought to Studio Art, I hope to work with you again in the future 🙂

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