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Insulation Design



The design center is an open space and hence there are a lot of distractions since the sound/noise caused in the area does not allow people to work in a focused and efficient manner.

Affected individuals:

The ones affected by this problem are those who work and study design concepts in the design space, it especially impacts those who happen to get distracted easily.

Directions and Constraints:

I have completed this project in nearly a month. That was enough time for me to work and decide upon a good and solid solution for the problem. In the beginning, the directions provided were from the document and verbally by the teacher where we were supposed to design and develop a concept by brainstorming different ideas and working on them through the procedures given by the design teacher. The materials that we were provided were used to structure the idea in the form of a model, like, clay, cardboard, ice-cream sticks, etc. One of the main constraints faced during the development of a product for the problem was that we were not provided any walls to work on, so products like sound-proof wallpaper, foam boards stuck to walls, etc, were not possible. The design space is not big enough too so having wheeled foam boards would also be an obstacle while working.


I got my inspirations from a few sites that the teacher had shared with us. They helped me innovate new ideas from them by relating them to nature and things around me. The Padlet mentions my inspirations and why they inspired me:

Made with Padlet


The ideas that I came with up while looking for inspiration helped me mold my design into a solid one.





Paneled metal board – to move around and block sound/noise created in the various areas of the space and magnets that can be used to stick/hang something fun on it!

Honeycomb mount -to regulate sound by acoustic fibers making a shape of a beehive to bring it closer to nature by mounting them.

Designed glass barriers – Insulating sound through sliding doors wherein the glass becomes the barrier, with the glass being thick enough to have an aquarium within.

The wall – A collection of all the listed ideas together on the same wall/area to make it efficient.









Soundproof paint wheeled boards – Insulating sound in a portable manner since the idea is on wheels where you can paint plus create art on it using soundproof paint.

Soundproof graffiti – These are boards on which graffiti can be created by using soundproof spray paints!

Sound-absorbent hopscotch mat – On this mat is a hopscotch design that can be played on and absorbs sound as well.

Sealants – These sealants help stick soundproof wallpapers, acoustic soundboards, and fiberglass tightly to make them efficient to their fullest.







Suspended foam boards – These foam boards are suspended from the ceiling, parallel to each other because of which the sound travels between them and is then absorbed.

Fiberglass – This can be used in windows to make the area totally soundproof as well as making it durable.

Acoustic soundboards – These have various designs on them and are stuck to the walls to absorb sound easily.

Oval atmosphere –  A dome that will help to regulate sound by making a closed area itself.









Soundproof wallpaper – These are stuck to the wall with the help of sealants that have attractive designs.

Glass sound barriers – The room’s surrounded by the glass barriers on wheels, making them portable. They can be used in any area of the design space!

Floor underlay – This is embedded under the floor which is convenient since it does not act as an obstacle.

Bubble wrap covers – These can be used as curtains to modulate sound and or the fun part, the bubbles can be burst!

Sliding doors – Can be used as barriers and have attractive patterns.

Mounts – For hanging soundproof panels, boards, etc.

Selected ideas:


  1. Honeycomb Sound Insulator – I decided upon this idea wherein it would be hung from the ceiling since there are no walls as such and previously decided for it to have a speaker attached for playing music.
  2. Anti-vibration floor mat – This plays a multipurpose role by having a hopscotch design on it such that it can be played on and absorb vibrations/sounds as well.
  3. Metal Panelled wheeled boards – These metal-paneled boards are on wheels which makes them portable and you can attach your creativity to them with magnets!
  4. Soundproof graffiti – There are boards that can be moved around anywhere and for the fun part, people can come around and make graffiti on them!
  5. Sound-absorbent paint wheeled boards –  These are wheeled-boards with sound-absorbent paint on them and upon which u can let loose ur art skills for an aesthetic look or use it as a board for organizing.


A few procedures that we utilized are shown below:


In scamper, I provided information about how I might edit the product by using the techniques that scamper stands for. It helped me combine, magnify and eliminate all the ideas that I selected.

Perspective drawing:

This is one of our practices for freehand perspective drawing which enables us to analyze the model in a 3D render and develop upon it.

Isometric drawing:

The isometric drawing for my design. It helped me redefine my idea and work on it better.




Mind mapping:


Mind mapping helped me define the characteristics of the product more efficiently by permitting me to analyze the sub-parts/systems of the overall product. Therefore, I could work upon individual parts of each product that inspired me and helped me to integrate these parts for an advanced product for the problem.

Here it is seen how I have used every part of the product to refine my idea.

  • Taking the concept of honeycomb wall using either the fiberglass or anti-absorbent hopscotch mat material, acoustic fiber.
  • I took it closer to nature by implementing the idea of the suspended honeycomb made of acoustic fibers to make it look like a beehive. Another reason for hanging it is that there is not enough space for walls, since there are not many walls in the first place.
  • Using the bubble machine and bubble fluid for producing bubbles as shown in the Padlet.


Modeling helped me to look at my design with a new perspective all together and made me redefine my idea well.

The Design – Honeycomb-bubble Sound Insulator

The design is in the form of a honeycomb, mounted from ceilings and made from acoustic fibers. It consumes the least amount of workspace as it is mounted on the ceiling. It is modular and can be integrated with more hexagons to cover a larger area or increase efficiency. It has a bubble machine right in the middle, which produces bubbles that helps in scattering the sound and adds a fun element to it! While you might think that bubbles are a visual distraction, they burst quickly so that they will not be much of a distraction and you can also control the rate of  production of bubbles.

Structure of the design:

This is how it will be displayed in the design area. The product will be mounted above the tables. 

Detailed Structure:



  • Consumes the least amount of workspace as it is mounted on the ceiling.
  • Honeycomb adds a vibrant touch to the room and brings the idea closer to nature.
  • Bubbles!!! FUN!!!
  • Bubbles diminish noise by scattering the sound.
  • Acoustic fibers making it cheap and eco-friendly.
  • Sizes can be flexible according to the room.
  • Is modular and can be integrated with more hexagons to cover a larger area or increase efficiency.


  • Requires refill of bubble fluid.
  • Bubbles can be distracting at times.
  • Mounting will require physical effort.
  • Due to it being mounted, accessibility is reduced.



Poster Feedback:

Peer feedback helped me see what people think about my design


This project was a great experience! It helped me think out of the box for a new design all together. Thoroughly enjoyed it!


  1. Thank you Cherry for a brilliant start to Product Design. I’m quite impressed by the depth of your exploration, and the quality of your ideas and documentation. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create next!

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