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Independent Reading Reflection 4

The book I read over the holiday is called The Giver by Lois Lowry. This book is about a dystopian future where color, emotions, and all forms of possible danger have been removed to create a perfect society. My opinion of this book is that it uses imagery really well to tell the reader what the characters are seeing from their point of view, especially when Jonas, the protagonist, sees colors for the first time. The Giver has the biggest impact on me because it taught me the importance of the things around me, such as color, emotion, and how the world would have been without these things. I also think that the Giver would be the most useful for writing a literary essay because it has a deep story while also using many forms of creative language.

Independent Reading Reflection 3

Book: Wonder

Author: R.J. Palacio

I have completed this novel, and overall this book was very interesting. Palacio took the problem of disorders and bullying very seriously but managed to create a very warm and fun story. I would recommend this novel because it teaches the reader a very important lesson about how you treat other people. Out of the three books that I have read, I liked Wonder the most because it taught me a very important lesson while also being very interesting.

Independent Reading Reflection 2

Name of the book: The Escape

Author: Hannah Jayne

The suspect who killed Adam turned out to be Fletcher, and it was revealed that he had schizophrenia, and due to his mental break down he hears voices, and that was why he killed Adam. In the end he tries to kill Avery as well, but fails and is taken away to the police. My overall impression of this novel is that the mystery was too easy to solve, and I was able to figure out that Fletcher was the killer before reading half of the book because of the very clear descriptions that emphasized that Fletcher killed Adam. I believe that the theme of this book is the importance of trust, and this is because in the end, Fletcher was able to trust Avery, and saved her from an incoming car. However, I believe this book had too much information cramped up in the end, and the resolution was too quick and unsatisfying. I would not recommend this book to people who want to read difficult and interesting mystery books.

Independent Reading Reflection 1

Name of the book: The Escape

Author: Hannah Jayne

This novel is about two boys, Adam and Fletcher, getting attacked in the woods, and only Fletcher survives. Fletcher, along with his friend Avery, try to find out what happened in the woods. The main characters in the book are Fletcher, Avery, and Adam, and they are made believable because the author gives them clear thoughts that any high schooler would have when faced with their friend being killed. The biggest surprise so far is Adam dying at the beginning at the book, as I thought he was going to have a larger role in the story. What I don’t like about the story is that the plot is doesn’t have enough mystery; It is too clear and easy to understand. Predictions I can make about the rest of the novel is that Fletcher is the one who killed Adam, and he’s going to try to kill Avery next. By reading this novel I realized that for mystery stories, it’s important to not make the text too clear, because in the story it is too easy to guess who the suspect is.

Article Context




Chinese Government: Red

British Government: Green

Hong Kong Citizens: Green



BBC: China’s new security law, in which people in Hong Kong will be sent to the Chinese mainland for trial, could mean British citizens being sent to China for trial instead of the UK. This fits with absolutism because a citizen of a certain country should be sent to their own country for trial.

CNA: China states that the UK has violated international law and relations, and that the UK should stop interfering with Hong Kong, which are China’s affairs. This fits with relativism because the Chinese are stating things that they think is right.


Global Perspectives Media Hot Topics

Topic: UK suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong

The two sides to this topic are that the UK is violating international law and relations, and that China has violated it’s obligations by creating a new security law in Hong Kong.

Two articles for each side:

China says UK will ‘bear the consequences’ after Hong Kong extradition treaty suspended


UK suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong


The perspective of the first article is that the UK is making a bad decision in suspending the extradition treaty with Hong Kong, and that they are interfering in China’s internal affairs. This perspective of this article supports China.

The perspective of the second article is that the new security law China had implemented in Hong Kong is a serious violation of its international obligations. The perspective of this article supports the UK.


Robotic Petting Zoo Reflection Blog

a. What are you most proud of?

I am proud that although I did not have the physical servos and micro bits, I was able to make the jaw of the crocodile moveable, which were features that I was unsure if I would be able to add without the physical servos and micro bits, but by using cardboard and tape to make parts of the jaw loose, I was able to successfully make the jaw moveable.

b. What is something you would change if you did this again? (besides being at school with all the resources)

I would like to work better on the design of the crocodile itself, as the one I made this time did not fully resemble a crocodile, since it’s body was cubed, and I was not able to make the head look exactly like I wanted to, and it did not look much like the head of the crocodile, so next time I would like to take more time to think throughly about the design of the animal, and to make it as accurate to the real life version as possible.

c. What have you learned about yourself through this project?

I learned through this project that compared to coding, building things is more fit for me, and that I enjoy creating things more than I thought. I learned that I am better at creating and designing things compared to doing things with technology. I also learned that I need to improve my coding skills.

Animal Process Blog

The link to the G1 video because the file was too large to be uploaded to the blog.

Robot Petting Zoo for G1 – Plans

The Battle Over Cuba.

Diego was just an ordinary cane cutter, just like everyone else. But when he joined Fidel Castro’s revolution, he will face the pain and suffering of death. His life is changed forever.

The Cuban Revolution started when a young, passionate man decided that Cuba needed to change. This man is Fidel Castro. After Fulgencio Batista took control over the government, Castro organized a group of rebels to overthrow Batista’s regime. ¬†Although Castro was successful in ending Batista’s rule, was he successful in making Cuba a better country? I believe so. After the Cuban Revolution, Castro ¬†organized major land reforms, and the poor workers who used to have no land were able to have their own land and homes. In addition, by the 1960’s nearly all children in Cuba were receiving education, and unemployment were reduced. There were also no corruption in the society, and hygiene was greatly increased as well. But not everything changed after the revolution. For example, the Cuban economy still relies on the production of Sugar. Overall, the Cuban Revolution allowed Cuba’s citizens to live much better lives.

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