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Reflection of My Holiday Reading


I have continued reading my realistic fiction book called “The Burning Room” by Micheal Connelly. This book has the biggest impact on me so far because it has very interesting storyline and is about an interesting topic to me, which is mystery. This book uses creative language very rarely, an example of this is instead of using the show don’t tell technique, Connelly would use dialogue to get his point across. All in all, I think that this book would be the best choice to make my essay on.

The Burning Room


I have read up to page 179 of the book “The Burning Room” by Micheal Connely. So far in this book, the characters Detective Soto and Detective Bosch have been interviewing members of the band to try and find a lead on who may have killed one of the musicians. Soto and Bosch are finding many inconsistencies within people’s stories which have led to them almost finding the main suspect in this murder. All in all, so far my last prediction seems to be right and I cannot wait to finish the book!

I have read two novels so far and this one by far is my favorite. It’s my favorite novel so far because it constantly throws in cliffhangers and new twists which keeps me engaged in reading and wants to make me read more and more of the story. All in all, I completely recommend this book if you want to be engaged and enjoy murder mysteries.

“The Burning Room” Reflection about the Rising Action/Climax


The Burning Room hasn’t changed much since I have last recorded it. For example, they haven’t made much action in solving the case but every now and then they’ll run across a lead that reveals a lot. I’m assuming the mini pieces of evidence are going to connect all together towards the end of the book and reveal who the actual murder was. Some strategies the author has used are building up and then releasing secrets at the end of almost every chapter, which is what constantly keeps me hooked and leaves me wanting to read even more. One of the secrets that have been exposed is about how Detective Soto was in an infamous fire during her childhood which led to many kids and families losing their lives. This clearly affected Soto and Bostch’s relationship a lot and I’m assuming the author named this book “The Burning Room” because that event must’ve had a connection to all these murders. This would symbolize a message and I assume the message is that you never know what’s happening to someone until you get close to them (don’t judge a book by their cover). All in all, I’m excited to continue reading this book and I hope to see the message become clearer.

“The Burning Room” Beginning Reflection


The book I am writing this reflection about is called “The Burning Room” by Micheal Connelly. When the book first started off, the author talked about the characteristics of the people that worked in the crime unit at the LAPD. For example, Bosch is seen as this aged and one of the better detectives in the LAPD, whereas his partner Lucia Sotto is seen as a very shy but wise young lady that has lots of secrets buried in her mind. As the story goes on there has been a body discovered that may crack an old cold case open. As Detective Sotto and Bosch work together to solve this I believe that they will encounter lots of ups and downs throughout the solving process. For example, they may get the wrong guy, another person will get murdered while they look for them, or it may be one of their coworkers that is behind all the murders. All in all, I cant wait to find out what this story leads to!

The Revolution in My Eyes


My character is called Lina and she has always lived in the Third Estate throughout the revolution. Lina went to all the rallies and everything that were being held to fight against the French government because her parents have always thought the government was treating them with inequality. The book/diary was a way of her to show her thoughts at the time of the French Revolution. Please enjoy!

I believe that the revolution was very successful because it put France in a healthy state after years of going without a stable and unequal government. This is because France really made a poor decision early on by having all the people in the third estate pay the taxes for the rich and wealthy people that were in the higher estates. This led to bankruptcy and that thankfully was a trigger for the start of the revolution. If the revolution never happened then I truly think that France would still have a very terrible government nowadays, or it would either revolve in an even worse way than it did.

The French Revolution in Plain English


How the French United

The French Revolution is one of the revolutions that completely changed the way France was run. There are many reasons why France’s revolution was very impactful and why it is widely known around the world and still is studied to this day. There were also many points of the Revolution that made this one very special compared to the others. Watch the video I have put down below and learn more and more about why this revolution was very impactful.


Henri Félix Emmanuel Philippoteaux, Henri Félix. “French Revolution of 1848.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 16 Mar. 2020, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Revolution_of_1848.

PE Health Assessment


Here is my Health Assessment for PE.

Did King Louis XVI Help France or Destroy It?


King Louis XVI was not the strongest leader because he didn’t know how to lead France to success because he had been struggling mentally with what to do to help the country get out of debt. All in all, King Louis XVI was far too under qualified for a leading position at this time, which lead him to destroying France’s political system.

Video Diary


My name is Anastasia and I wasn’t a supporter of Lenin at first because he never gave the peasants a good life and always seemed to care more about the rich than the poor. After his new economic plan that did begin to work towards the end of his life, it made me really like him and appreciate all he did for us. I was affected by the revolution in different ways. One of the ways was that I used to not be able to make any money and now I can, and I actually have made quite a living from selling my leftover food. Another way is that I also now work in a factory and many of my fellow workers have left to go work in the farms, so now the amount of workers at the factory is around 20 so that means that now the factory is given back to the owner and I can go make money elsewhere.


I believe that the Russian Revolution was worth it because it has now shaped Russia into what it is today. Russia used to be poor and be considered one of the poorer regions of the world, but now it has power and it is well known around the world to be one of the most powerful countries. Even though Russia may have had three revolutions, it still made it stronger and stronger each time one would end. This has made me believe that the revolutions were worth it in the end because Russia definitely learned from them.

I Hunt Killers


*Spoiler Alert*

*Spoiler Alert*

I read the book called I Hunt Killers written by Barry Lyga. This story is about a man named Billy Dent and his son called Jasper Dent (Jazz). Billy was an infamous serial killer and got caught in the act and ended up going to prison. Then all of a sudden there were girls being murdered in the city. The police thought it was just a regular case, but Jazz knew that it was more than an every now and then murder and he knew the murders were linked in a way. Since Jazz is Billys son the police didn’t trust Jazz because he may inherit traits from his father. Jazz was trying everything he could to try and change the Polices point of view on him, even if that means he has to go through his everyday struggles. Towards the end of the book Jazz tried to figure out whether or not his mom was murdered by his dad or

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