Book Reflection – The Fault in Our Stars

The book “The Fault in Our Stars” written by John Green highlights the themes of fighting cancer and friendship. Both characters are dealing with diseases or other issues in their life. While Hazel is dealing with lung cancer that might last for a lifetime. Her emotions, mindset towards the world, and actions change throughout the story. After meeting Augustus, he changed her life. the author presents the message of fighting through cancer and making friendships by writing in the first-person perspective. Seeing the change in both characters is attractive to the readers. Readers are able to follow the character’s emotions and change throughout the story. The author also presents Hazel’s change in mindset towards living. She is able to find the happiness of living and find things to look forward to in life. Lastly, towards the end, she is able to make more out of what she can and what she has.


Book Reflection – Paper Towns

In the book “Paper Towns” written by John Green. The main character is Quentin Jacobsen, a senior student who is about to graduate from high school in a few weeks. The story presents Quentin’s journey of finding Margo, who is the center of his universe. With a few clues she left behind, Quintin is on an adventure trip to find where Margo went, along with some friends. However, the story also begins with the scene that happened between two nine years before. And that is when a vaguely implied long-lasting bond between the two formed. The author uses different language techniques to bring up the issue in the story and slowly find their ways to eventually reach each other.


Independent Reading – Favorite Book

My favorite book I’ve read in the past year is “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. This book is dealing with the concepts of friendships, relationships, and fighting through cancer. Throughout the story, the characters have all grown and gain in someways. As the story moves on, the readers are able to see issues and problems in reality. Readers are able to connect and fall into the parts in the story as it is associating with our everyday life. Lastly, the character’s development really brings the reader’s attention and is attracted to the story as well.


Book Reflection 2 -The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars”, written by John Green.

The relationship, friendship, or connection between the characters, Hazel and Augusts is getting closer. By recommending books and sharing thoughts on their books, their relationship has gotten much closer. Now the story has developed the character better and giving more information about Hazel’s family’s situation, while also developing the supporting characters. It builds a stronger connection between the characters and the story. In the chapters, the author showed that Issac in the Cancer Supporting Group has successfully finished his surgery where he is all clear of cancer but blind as a side effect of his surgery. On the other side, the story shows that Augusts and Hazel’s relationship is getting stronger.

Book Reflection, Reading

Book Reading Reflection 1 -The Fault in Our Stars

“The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. The title of this book is not clear on what the story might or will be based on. While reading the first pages of the book I discovered that Hazel, the main character, is suffering from lung disorders, and has been forced to attend a Support Group every week, with other people who are also suffering from other things. As she is suffering from lung disorders, she has to carry oxygen bottles with her all the time and this is also why she has not been to a normal school for the past three years. From the pages that I’ve read, I notice that Hazel is not willing to attend the Support Group or make friends as her mother would say. Until when Hazel has met a boy named Augustus Waters,  she never had any hopes for the Support Group.


French Revolution Journals

My character’s name was Lucas, he was born in a peasant family who lives near the countryside of Paris. He is the eldest in the family, therefore, he has to work to help his family survive. He looks forwards to freedom and equality. During the French revolution, he has the hope for a better life.

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In my opinion, the French Revolution was worth it. Although it was such a bloody and terrible period for the people, it changed France to a more equal country and everything grew as a country.



Grade 8, Humanities

French Revolution In Plain English

This is a video made by Angel, Maggie and I. We explained and point out four important events during the French Revolution in plain English. The four events we choose are storming the Bastille, execution of King Louis XVI, reign of Terror and Napoleon. We included some changes and continuities during the revolution. As a group, we think that the revolution was worth it. Since the revolution helped France improve in many different ways and gave more rights and freedom to everyone in all the three estates.

Grade 8, Humanities

Hero Or Villain? Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette was the wife to King Louis XVI (1754-1793), they were both executed in 1793. She was a bad influence on Louis XVI as she made him spent money on lavish and unneeded items, this also shows that she lived a costly life. Because of her lavish money spending, people in France also gave her the nickname “madame deficit”.During the French revolution, Marie Antoinette supported king Louis VXI as his wife to do many things that were never supposed to be done in anytime or any way. Herself has also “betrayed” the country in ways, for example, during the war with Austria, as she was the Austrian princess she secretly gives France’s plans to their enemies. Although at the end of that, the King and the Queen, Marie herself was put into jail.  All of her actions than built to a bad image for herself and people who deeply hated her. All the evidence shows that Marie Antoinette was a real villain in the French Revolution.

Grade 8, Humanities

A Room Away From The Wolves

The book A Room Away From The Wolves, written by Nova Ren Suma. In this book, the author wants to communicate a feeling of loneliness, emptiness and helplessness. As the story is about a girl named Sabina (Bina) who ran with her mother away from a cruel child-abusing father planning to go to Newyork. But not even out of the city yet, she found herself in another man’s house, with her mother’s husband and the man’s two mean daughters. To keep peace in the “family” Bina’s mother had to make a choice, she planned on sending her to a friend in the church. But turned out that Bina escaped from everything, she ran away, again. Her destination was the Catherin House. Catherin’s house, a boarding house that caters to young women seeking safety and security, as a way to freedom. Catherin’s House was where Bina’s mother once lived, before having Bina and where hopefully she can find her own way to life.

At Catherin’s House, everyone appears to know Bina, and know that her mother had once lived here. All boarders, young women, are deep and mysterious. While Bina has a strong feeling of foreboding sense as she stands in front of the portrait of a woman who formerly owned the building. Everyone expected her to do something for Catherin but all they feel was a disappointment after all. When she can’t deliver anymore, their disappointment becomes a stealthy but frightening thing and Bina realizes that she may not be safe at all. “A safe place. My mother had told me she felt safe in Catherin’s House. She felt protected. Once she opened that gate and left, the real world crushed in.” (Page54) This quote shows that her mother had a great relationship with her before, so she told Bina her real experiences, and that they were really close that she can speak out to Bina. “She was safe, she assured me.” (Page 54) On the same page, this quote showed how insecure Bina is inside.

After that, when the story goes on things happened. When she found her estranged father which then made her so distributed after their meeting. Getting pranked, finding jewelry that should never be found. Her mother never picking up her phone calls. She can’t find a job, can’t go home, she can’t figure out what actually happened years ago for Catherin. Everything is just messed up.”My life in the city wasn’t turning into what I’d hoped. The bookstore on the corner denied me a job stocking shelves and ringing up customers, and my cell phone stopped connecting, the account suspended into dead air. In my mind, where I could keep avoiding the truth, I denied the inevitable end to my stay in Catherin’s House. Money was running out. The thirty-first was coming swift and soon.”(Page 247) This showed how Bina’s life is going on soon after her stay at Catherin’s House. Nothing in Bina’s life makes sense, and maybe she is losing her mind or maybe she is haunted.

I chose three pictures for this collage because I think it really represented the theme of this book. It indicates, deep, mystery, lost and helpless. The powerful description the author is using really sets a dark, tangled feeling for the readers. There are wolves in the life of every teenage girl, she whispers; don’t turn your back or they might get you, too.


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Grade 8, Humanities

Boxer Rebellion Thinglink Project


Do the Boxers Rebellion deserve a bad reputation? 

The Boxers Rebellion does not deserve a bad reputation. In my point of view, the Boxers Rebellion does not deserve a bad reputation because their start of uniting which was in the 1900s, it was because of the foreigners who were trying to bring in other beliefs while the Boxers Rebellion things that as Chinese, we should keep the Chinese cultures because they are proud of who they are. Although many lives were killed during this movement, what the Boxers’ original idea was good. By keeping the Chinese culture, it can remind the Chinese who they are. But because of the foreigners that were trying to change the Chinese’s belief, this is where the Boxers are the most sensitive about, is to change who they are. So in conclusion, I think that the Boxers Rebellion does not deserve a bad reputation.