Book Report

The Martian is a book written by Andy Weir. It tells the story of an Astronaut who was abandoned on Mars, trying to survive until the next Mars mission astronauts can save him.


March 4 English Grade 9 English Diagnostic


Reflecting on my experience of writing the timed, in-class diagnostic analysis today, what I found hard about analysing the speech was,  we had a limited time to gather our thoughts to write a well structured essay analysis. Not only was it pressuring because the analysis was expected to be completed within a 75 minute period, but it was tricky to find the definitions of unknown words through context, which kept me guessing and hoping whatever i thought the word  meant was what it actually meant. To thoroughly  prepare myself for the next timed, in-class essay, I expect myself to develop a habit of quickly planning out my ideas and structuring them into a reasonable form in which I will present my interpretation in. Lastly, a topic I would like to get more instructions on are, the most reasonable and best way of structuring a op-ed, open letter analysis with acronyms, annotations, discussions over transition-words and phrases, synonym and vocabulary practice homework (for example, noredink) and more short hand-written tasks in class just for practice.



Natural vs. Synthetic Project

o What is the synthetic product?

The synthetic product is an artificial sweetener.

o What is the importance to humans? (Why do humans use/make this synthetic product?)

A normal human-being consumes an average of 156 pounds of sugar each year. If more is consumed, sugar may have harming negative effects on gumans which include teeth decay, weight gain and type 2 diabetes. Despite that, humans still crave for it, which is why artificial sweeteners are created. Those very often used in foods and diet beverages to make them taste sweet while they don’t contain any sugar or calories.

o What natural resources are used to make the synthetic material?

Sucralose, an artificial sweetener which is 600 times sweeter than sugar is made from sugar, but its chemical structure was altered. Next we have aspartame, an artificial sweetener which is 180 times sweeter than sugar naturally comes from feces of E. Coli Bacteria. Another example includes the saccharin which is 300 times sweeter than normal sugar is made by oxidising sulfonamide or phthalic anhydride.

o What are the atomic structures of the reactants and the synthetic product?

  • Sucralose and sucrose are very alike, though three of oxygen-hydrogen atoms are replaced with chlorine atoms.

Chemical Structure of Sucralose

Chemical Structure of Sucrose










  • Aspartame consists of 2 amino acids which include aspartic acid and phenylalanine and methanol.






  • And Saccharin is a compound of carbon nitrogen, nitrogen and sulfur atoms.


How is the synthetic material made? What chemical process(es) are used to create the synthetic product?)

There are five FDA-approved artificial sweeteners, each with a different chemical make-up:

  • Sucralose: Made by replacing hydrogen and oxygen in sugar molecules with chlorine atoms
  • Aspartame: Most used in diet sodas and is composed of two amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine

o What are the negative and positive impacts/effects of making and using the synthetic material, compared to making and/or using a more natural material with a similar function?


Positive Impacts:

  • Sugar is carbohydrate which is an excellent fuel to the body because they are packed full of energy.

Negative Impacts:

  • When food or beverages are consumed and contain sucrose (sugar), bacteria in our mouths may use it as an energy source and produce acid that may lead to tooth decay
  • When too much sugar is consumed, amount of insulin in our blood begins to increase, which could eventually lead to diabetes.

Artificial Sweetener:

Positive Impacts:

  • Much sweeter than sucrose (Aspartame 180 times sweeter, Sucralose 600 times sweeter, Saccharin 300 times sweeter)
  • Does not give energy
  • flushes out of the body in urine
  • Choice of low and high in calories (Sucralose no calories, Aspartame high in calories)

Negative Impacts:

  • Some sweeteners may have a lingering bitter and metallic taste that some people can detect (Saccharin)
  • Several Sweeteners may cause health problems such as bladder cancer (in rats) from saccharin, brain tumours and brain cancer from aspartame.
  • Experience Small side effects if too much is consumed

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French Revolution and the Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

“Ability is nothing without opportunity” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Revolution was caused by food shortages and France falling into deep bankruptcy. This led to King Louis xvi attempt to escape pairs from the revolutionaries who kept him house arrested. The escape caused revolutionaries to lose faith in the royal family which eventually led to the reign of terror. The revolution ended after Napoleon seized power.

Napoleon, born a second son of a poor lawyer has achieved great accomplishments in his living years. He rose from being a military leader to an emperor who later on brought long peace and set new laws that were divided equally among peasants and nobles. More in the video below.




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Mental Health and Technology – Summative Assessment

For this Summative Assessment I chose Questions from Option 1:

Describe how you feel and act when your mental health is thriving in the Green Zone.

My mental health in the green zone feels good, I am satisfied and in a good mood. I act calm and I am pleased with my surroundings. For example; after a shower I feel fresh and more awake, it gives me the energy to start a new day. My second example is, when I wake up in the morning to my room, looking clean and organized also gives my brain a satisfied mood to start off the day.

What are some tech habits and strategies that are keeping you thriving in the Green Zone? Describe them in detail. Also include people who help you with this. How else does using technology have a positive effect on your well-being?

Using technology is very hard for me because if I use it for too long, there is a high chance my mother is going to take it away for several weeks. One of my methods of not staying on screen for too long is, I finish all my important/school work, then use technology for other things not as important like watching anime or gaming. This is something my older brother taught me. The second habit I have is more like a rule. My phone has a function called an ‘App Limit’, which controls the time I can spent on a certain app. All my social media apps including WeChat was set up to work only 1h15min per day. My mobile games are set up to be 1h40min. After I spend all the time on these apps, they become useless for the rest of the day. The feeling of your app closing down for the rest of the day makes me want to save as much time as possible so I end up spending less time on my phone and saving it up for more important uses. My mom checks my phone regularly including screen time I spent on my phone. This makes me be more aware of what I write and do on my phone which leaves a more positive effect of me growing into a good child.

Think about your tech use and habits (social media and/or gaming and/or E-learning). What are the triggers/challenges that take you out of thriving in the Green Zone and into the unsettled/struggling feelings of the Yellow/Orange Zones? Use what you know about the brain, sleep and the effects of tech on mental health as you answer this question.

Sleeping with your devices in your room next to your bed may disturb your sleep, as you would frequently want to check your phone for new notifications. Some people have earlier bedtimes but secretly stay up because they have developed FOMO. Teenagers who have FOMO would stay up late for their friends because they do so too. I experienced these problems when I was young, an example may be fearing of missing out on playing a game and leveling up. I don’t like to miss out on any special game events but I don’t have any other choice because I sleep with all of my devices out of my bedroom.

Describe how you feel and act when you are unsettled or struggling in the Yellow/Orange Zones.

There are very seldom times I feel unsettled or struggling. Compared to all my friends I spend the least time on screen. But when I do spend too much time on screen, I tend to act very annoyed and impolite to people around me. I get grumpy and feel very angry/bothered by them.

What are some strategies that you have used to help you get back to the Green Zone? Describe a time when you have used it. Or, if you currently don’t have any strategies, think about the Mindfulness strategies from the previous post. Describe a time when you could have used one of those strategies or habits and how it would have made you feel. Also include people who could help you with this.

This happened many times when I was younger. I spend too much time on screen, they tell me to get off, so I burst out into a wild child and get very aggressive. But my parents especially my mom always got me to feel extremely guilty after. They get mad at me and take away my devices. I’ve experienced this so many times that I now just automatically put away all my devices when my mom asks me to. Also my face gets red when I spend too much time on-screen so I take short breaks from it. There is no other strategy other than waiting for my face to get warm and red or getting reminded by my mom. Most of my time in my day is spent on doing homework and other important things, because I always do them first. I play games and watch movies/anime as a reward for finishing important tasks which is mostly late in the afternoon or early in the evening.


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Napoleon Bonaparte, Hero of France

Hero. What is a hero?

Is it a man who is admired for its absolute courage and outstanding achievements? A man with great noble qualities, a common man rising to greatness and power through nothing but pure talent? If that’s what makes a hero, does this mean Napoleon is also considered a hero?

1769 Napoleon was born a second son of a poor lawyer, he went to a French military school and joined the French army. This first point shows how Napoleon first started his life. 1785 He was put in charge of the French gunners and fought against the English. By this time, Napoleon has already gained a fame and was rapidly promoted by the Revolutionary Government for his victory against the English. 1786 Napoleon defended the National Convention from pro-royalists, the Revolutionary Government has once again recognized his loyalty to the government and was promoted to Major General. 1798 on his expedition to Egypt, Napoleon was told that the Revolutionary Government had lost control, he secretly returned to Paris and was invited to a plot to overthrow the Revolutionary Government (the Directory). 1799 Napoleon manages to overthrow the Directory and is appointed one of the Government leaders. 1800 Napoleon went to war against the Austrians, the battle of Marengo and comes back victorious in 1801. this was one of his biggest accomplishments as he has finally brought peace to France. 3 years later (1804) Napoleon crowned himself emperor and France was back to monarchy. He created a new set of laws called ‘The Code of Napoleon’ which set rules that were set equally among peasants and nobles. By 1810 Napoleon has conquered a huge empire due to his military victories won around Europe. These included Austria, Russia, Prussia and Tilsit. Prussia had lost 1/3 of all land and agreed to Napoleon’s plan of setting up 2 new countries on either side of Prussia. After Napoleon had become the Master of Europe, he thought he had to conquer more countries. He was at war with Spain and Russia at the same time. His army eventually failed to invade Russia, so he was sent back to France. 1812 Russia invaded France after Napoleon’s attack, he was short on men and was defeated. Napoleon was forced to abdicate and into exile.

I chose these points because they show how Napoleon slowly rose to power, starting off as a second son of a poor lawyer and ending up being one of the greatest leaders of France. I believe that Napoleon’s achievements were met by his own talents and it is what truly makes him a hero.


Read more about Napoleon

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MSND Characterisation Assessment Task

This is my Characterisation Magazine:

Mag Title: Best Characters

Edition: Fall 2019

Character: Demetrius (Demiurge Overlord)

Demetrius is a powerful Athenian man, the perfect gentleman, but also a two-faced selfish and inconsiderate fickle in love.

Egeus and Theseus favor Demetrius the most and see him as the perfect gentleman. “Demetrius is a worthy gentleman.” Theseus line 52. This quote means exactly what it says, Demetrius is a worthy gentleman, a worthy gentleman to marry the daughter of Egeus. He is good looking, wealthy and a very powerful Athenian man, who Lysander feels his equal to in line 99, “I am, my lord, as well derived as he, As well possessed.” Meaning, I am, my lord Egeus, as noble and rich as Demetrius is. But I love Hermia more, Lysander said in line 100, “Demetrius, I’ll avouch this to his head, made love to Nedar’s daughter, Helena. And won her soul. And she sweet lady, dotes, Devoutly dotes, dotes in idolatry. Upon this spotted inconstant man.” Demetrius is selfish two-faced and inconsiderate, made Nedar’s daughter Helena fall in love with him, she adores this horrible and unfaithful man.

Demetrius the best and the most complicated character of the play, who Helena herself called a untrustable fickle in love, “So he dissolved, and showers of oaths did melt.” When he set his eyes on Hermia, all his promised to me melted away~, but she still doesn’t let go.

The picture I used in my magazine comes from a Japanese light novel series Overlord, the character’s name is Demiurge. He is a well-dressed demon who has great power and high-level intellect, who serves as a floor guardian at the Great Tomb of Nararick. In this picture he is holding a mask, which perfectly fits with Demetrius’s two-faced personality. His evil expression and sharp fingernails also show power and confidence, which Demetrius also has. I chose my colors that fit well with Demiurge’s red suit and blue mask like gold and white.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

My S.M.A.R.T Goals Mentoring 8-5

S: specific. Be detailed. Don’t be vague or confusing. I want to jump an axel
M: measurable. How will you know you achieved your goal? I want to learn it before next year ends
A: actionorientated. What will you do to achieve your goal? Train every Sunday, (1h)
R: realistic. Is your goal doable? I have to train hard
T: timely. Give yourself enough time, but not too much 1 year (more than 50 hours of training)

Reasoning: I still have to work on singles, spins and learn doubles before I learn axels

Are you a Humanist?

This Infographic shows my 4 elements that are the key to understanding the Renaissance. Each of my elements include a category, statement and an explanation. I rated each of my elements from 1-5 on how much I agree with them and added an overall score at the bottom of my Infographic, to determine whether I am a Renaissance Humanist or not.

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