Select an artist that inspires

My chosen artist for this assignment is Inge Morath and Paul Strand, for this blog post I’m choosing to analyze Inge Morath. Ingeborg Hermine Morath was an Austrian-born American photographer. Most of Morath’s work focuses on series of individual and group portraits taken from 1959 to 1963 images that convey both humor and an unnerving […]

Social/Cultural Issue

The social issue I want to present is how nowadays people hide their true selves because they are afraid of potentially being attacked on the internet or by other people, and they might feel like they would be considered as “unusual” and get excluded from the internet or the world”. For example, if you’re someone […]

Mind Map

portrait ⬆️My Mind Map For my portrait assignment in this unit, I want to focus on the genre of either drama or thriller, and to get started, I choose two films that I want my assignment to base on. The first one is the Orphan and the second one is Joker. These two films have in common […]

Book Progress – Normal People

During Spring Break, I started reading a new book named “Normal People” by Sally Rooney. I am currently on page 180 and so far, this book has been pretty intriguing to me. It is about the two most sympathetic people you will ever meet that fall in love, yet will they? or won’t they? Marianne […]

Identity – Portrait

A portrait captures the personality and impression of someone using effective lighting and poses to demonstrate the persona and artistic self of someone. Portrait contains the message the photographer wants to send through someone’s facial feature, they PRODUCE the photo instead of genuinely TAKING it. People often mix up selfies with portraits, a selfie can […]

Book Progress – Oprah Winfrey

I started to read the autobiography”What I know For Sure” by Oprah Winfrey, a very renowned American host. I’m almost finishing this book since it is relatively short. This book was extremely inspiring and heartbroken at the same time, Winfrey categorized her past experience as pursuing excellence, practicing gratitude, and leveraging bad experiences. Every chapter […]


These three Red images are what I am choosing for my triptych. They are in this particular order because I intended to present the color of the building as the main subject of the triptych. This then corroborates the fact that my style is minimalistic, similar to that of Klaus. I think these three pictures […]

Critique of Red Images Set 2

The Red images I’ve chosen for my set 2, consists of repeating patterns and textures which can be considered as minimalistic. This relates to Andreas Gursky because it is minimalistic, as well as the subject of the photo is generally architecture. The photo that I have highlighted as red, utilizes lines, and shapes, and texture […]

Contact Sheet – Set 2

pattern-compressed My photos are inspired by Andreas Gursky and Klaus Leontjew, I focused on how vivid lines can produce different shapes and how different layers of the object could create depth. Most of my photos were inspired by Gursky’s since he likes to take pictures of the repetition of patterns in construction. however, I wasn’t […]