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Another Book Reflection!

Out of all the books I read so far. My favorite is “The Wicked Deep” by Shea Ernshaw. When the I start to write the essay I will definitely, probably write about the wicked deep. It is full of mysteries, revenge, betray, lies, secrets, romance and my favorite it’s a fantasy novel. I especially enjoyed the plot twist at the end of the book, the book didn’t give you many hints about the coming plot twist, leaving you surprise at the end. As for why I would choose that for my essay, when I enjoy a book I usually write better than writing about something I have no interest in. The book really captured my attention it thought be a lesson of being careful of my actions so that it would not lead to future pain and struggles and that betraying a friend can lead to you losing them. And I hope that those who also read this book will see it’s lesson.

Book Reflection of “The Problim Children” By Natalie Lloyd

What strikes me the most about the story is that no matter what hardships trials and secrets life, people throws to them. Their relationship as sibling remain un shattered, although there are some normal sibling fights. The author Natalie Lloyd uses a lot of onomatopoeia, repetition, rhetoric questions, and punctuation. she uses onomatopoeia to describe the noise and chaos the problim children create to display their odd optimistic, personality and behavior as well as their weird gifts of predicting or others call guessing, that something bad is about to happen whenever they hear or see something related to the number seven. She also use rhetoric questions to stimulate a very emotional memory or situation for the problim children showing how hard they fit in with the society. Although repetition and punctuation are not shown on most parts of the book I thought it would be important.

Reflection about “The Wicked Deep” by: Shea Ernshaw

I have learned in the story of The Wicked Deep, that love is very painful. …..

Just joking! I learned that hate and revenge is is like a scar that last in one’s heart. you gain nothing from revenge, it doesn’t help you heal the scar in your heart, nor does it fill the abyss you fall into. I have also learned that love is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It is fragile yet strong, but when it finally breaks, the pain will be unbearable. there was a girl named penny who live in an old town called sparrow. She lost his father and her mother have a mental disability. but she found the person she loves in the end.

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