Our assignment is to make a video explaining what we learned and summarize about the Cuban Revolution. This was a group project, I was in a group with Danielle Poon. We chose to narrate our video from the perspective of Che and Castro (the two revolutionary leaders).  We also summarized a few main events and put them all together in this video. During this project, we worked veDy veDy hard so don’t forget to give a like *wink wink.

Quit Power Awesome Book Review



Quiet Power by Susan Cain

Introverts shouldn’t be looked down on as worse or bad but instead seen as equal individuals. This book talks about introverts (“shy” people who don’t do a bunch of external things) and how they survive our society today. This isn’t your average informational book, it involves many views and many people’s options which makes it even more relatable.

The reason why I believe this could be one of the possible themes is because of the way we were taught today and how we view big friend groups and loud in class = good when really both are great and should be equal (introverts and extroverts).

I highly suggest reading this book not only to bring awareness but to find something new to relate to. This book also gives you an open mindset to new ideas and thoughts of viewing things which is pretty cool. I would give this book a 4.3 out of 5 popcorn bags.

I’ve learned that informational books can be really fun and there are so many possible causes, effects, and themes.

Did the boxers deserve a bad rap?

hyper link:

The Boxers deserve a bad rap because they were extremely presumptuous in their actions towards others. According to our tour guide Mr. Jeremiah, “The boxers killed 21 German missionaries at the church due to them luring the others into thinking it was a safe place then sabotaged them all.” This was very cruel and, in my opinion, unjustifiable because they pointlessly killed a bunch of innocent people and their families. By the time of the late opium war, the boxers teamed up and trapped around 500 foreigners in a church close to the British legion. Another thing Mr. Jeremiah said was that, “The Boxers believed that the drought was caused by the catholic churches, more specifically the steeples of the church which they thought messed with the sky.” They blamed it on the foreigners with no evidence. It was absolutely unreasonable and incredulous for them to blame, then kill the foreigners because their claim was baseless. Before the Boxers, trade was much more peaceful, it was used to share different products, technologies, and ideas, but when the boxers came everything became violent. The boxers were clearly immature, because they made bad decisions without even thinking on how it would affect others. During this time xenophobia (a fear of foreigners) became more and more common. The Boxers did everything in their power to destroy the foreigners. For instance, they cut off all of their telegraph lines and railways. This wasn’t the end, the Boxers would go to the point where they distracted their own culture, by killing in fact anything who had at least the tiniest thing to do with someone who didn’t have the same beliefs as them.
In conclusion the boxers should definitely get a bad rap due to the unnecessary damage they’ve done to the world.

Helena Magazine

In the Shakespearean play called The Midsummer Night’s Dream, one of the main characters is Helena. Helena is genially a jealous desperate person in need to have some guy fall in love with her, which is Demetrius. In Act 1 it shows that people think of her as an upset person still trying to get Demetrius to love her, but he loves Helena. Helena is in love with Lysander who also loves her. The evidence using quotes on the poster also proves the claim. 



The Last Kiss Found Poem

Found Poem is where you take words, details, and phrases from the existing text and make alterations to them to make it into a poem.

The story “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher is a first-person perspective. It talks about the protagonist which is the young boy getting kissed by his parents. In the story his dad stops giving him good night kisses, this is when the external and internal conflicts happen. The external conflict is man vs. society. On the top of the last four sentences on the second page, it says ” I was too old to be kissed by my father”, this shows that his dad might not give him kisses because he thinks his son is too old. 

On the other hand, there could also be an internal conflict where the main character is struggling to decide to confront his dad, asking him why he’s not giving him good night kisses or just let it go.

I chose these words from the story because I wanted to start by showing how much he loved his dad’s goodnight kisses (after he got his goodnight kisses in the story it says “I could go off to bed safely.”), how he lost them, and how that affected him and made him feel speechless, downhearted, and disappointed(“I was stunned” the thought was too large to formulate, to recognize a loss.).

The background I drew is in a way a type of abstract art. There is a title is on the top and at the bottom of the page, it says kiss. There are also some broken hearts spread all over the page because his heart broke a little when he lost his dad’s kisses. The rest of the page is full of a pink and red color pallet showing the love for his parents’ goodnight kisses. hyperlinks:


Spaghetti Bolognese with the impact of dietary restrictions – food chem

Before and after photo:


design challenge:

the description of the changes you made to fit:

Dietary requirements: gluten-free spaghetti 

Hotel Quarantine: prepared it in a re-heatable box

 Identifying what chemical processes could have created similarities and differences:

 First I started by cooking the gluten-free spaghetti in hot water, which is still a chemical change but in a different way because the starches are different, so they make different types of molecules. 

The second chemical change is when the meat is browning. When I make the gluten-free recipe this step will still be the same chemical reaction because the meat doesn’t contain gluten.

Final improve: 

If there was anything I could change to improve the recipe, I would let the spaghetti be a little longer outside of the refrigerator before putting it in.

Food Chemistry Design Challenge

Original recipe:

Design challenge: It has become obvious that hotel quarantine meals across the world do not currently center dietary needs. The task is to create a recipe (in this case spaghetti bolognese) which can be pre-made in bulk and re-heated in the hotel once it’s delivered. My spaghetti bolognese recipe needs to be modified to become gluten-free and at the same time contain similar nutrients.

Gluten-free recipe:

  1. chose a pot depending on the amount of pasta you want
  2. fill the pot with water
  3. set the pot and a medium-high temperature
  4. add a pinch of salt and add a lid
  5. chose a medium-sized pan
  6. warm that pan up with a high heat
  7. when the pan is hot add one and a half teaspoon of butter
  8. turn down the heat to medium-high temperature and add the meat
  9. crush/mix the meat so it cooks properly
  10. add the gluten-free spaghetti into the pot
  11. when the meat turns brown add the classico barilla tomato sauce
  12. mix and stir the meat and sauce together
  13. keep on doing it for a couple of minutes
  14. when the spaghetti is ready drain all the water
  15. when most of the sauce has been absorbed by the meat put the spaghetti in and mix

pictures of the final product and ingredients: 

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