The Boxers were a group of people who reacted violently to the increasing number of Chinese Christians and foreigners in China.

No, the Boxers did not deserve a bad reputation. When a few Germans in Shandong got killed, it resulted in Germany taking over the southern area of Shandong. This resulted in the other countries taking over parts of China. The Boxers were angry with the foreigners since earlier because of the opium wars, seeing their home being taken away would make them upset. The Boxers were just trying to take back their home and get rid of the foreigners in China. The German representative got a lot of people captured and executed because they were suspected of being one of the Boxers. This did not just affect the Boxers but it affected the rest of the nation too. This is why the Boxers would have made a move. They would have been offended because innocent people were dying because of the Germans, thus they attacked the Germans first. China had to agree to unequal treaties, they had to pay unfair amounts of money, if they did not trade with the foreigners. This upset the Boxers because their country was getting destroyed because of the amounts of money it had to pay. The opium wars led to the Chinese government paying more than 21M pounds to the British.