This video by Aditi gives an overview of the book. It discusses the themes, central idea and social issues in ‘Ten Days a Madwoman’. The small paragraph is about the experience reading this book

Ten Days a Madwoman, is a literary non-fiction book by Deborah Noyes, which depicts the life of a young female reporter who went by the nickname Nellie Bly. It enlightens the reader on false stereotypes against women during the 18-1900s. The theme of this book is that women are as capable as men in every sphere of activity.

One should read this book because it is both informative and inspiring. Deborah Noyes seems to be motivating young women to overcome hurdles such as discrimination and stereotypes in order to achieve their dreams. It also describes the problems regarding sexism around the world. I was really inspired to do my best after reading this book. It seemed to raise my spirits and achieve my dreams.

In this unit, I realized that non-fiction books are not only informative and inspiring but can also be fun to read.