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Visualizing Research

Visualizing Research AR

So whats:

-1a,1b: I will make sure that my future research is directed more towards accurate and specific sources on Australians and not worldwide, I will also make sure that my research is based more on the government for my first supporting question

-2: I will need to make sure that my high connection source is not being overused and that it is good enough to be connected back to

-3: I will add more sources for my first 2 supporting questions, to get more information and specific things that I am going to need

So generally, I will research more specifically into my compelling question, and get a larger variety of sources, while making sure that they are not being overused.


Paper Menagerie Thesis Statement

In Ken Liu’s short story “The Paper Menagerie,” Jack’s identity changes and develops through the use of Dialogue, Symbolism, and Action or Plot.

In Ken Liu’s short story “The Paper Menagerie,” Jack’s anger represents the hate others are projecting towards him for being slightly different. Because of his identity, Jack is portrayed differently from the start than other people. The things that people say to Jack, such as “chink” face, cause Jack to lash out because of the discomfort that his own identity causes him. Jack wants to be similar to others and viewed the same, so he says things like “Speak English” angrily to his mother because he is unsure of what to do with his insecurities. Because of Jack’s thoughts to want to be “American,” he becomes immersed in his studies and gets angrier at his heritage, and considers himself to “not look like her” at all. This shows how other people see Jack, and they only see him for being different instead of someone similar.

The analysis of the design process of building my shelter

I had made a shelter to protect people from rain and such weather conditions while providing a space to still do things while not being outside. To achieve this, I had built a bunker-type box.  I did this because it seemed like an easy and protective design.  I have learned that in the future, I must do things such as clearly defining a problem along with the user (connect my ideas to an enduring issue), design a shelter with justification of the design, plan out what will be one in advance, and generate ideas quickly and efficiently. What I have learned presently is that I must have a documented design process that aligns with everything already done. I need to make sure that I go through all four stages of the design checklist in the future. 

SMART Goals:

I will learn how to develop better ideas by using the problem and the user and practice it more often 

I will analyze what I need to do differently by looking around and getting feedback from others 

I will think up a better system of creating my own ideas, so that I should not have to rely on something such as the internet so often 

Next time I will connect my problem to an enduring issue 

Thesis Statement-On the Sidewalk Bleeding

The main character in Evan Hunter’s short story entitled “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” initially believes that his identity of being a Royal matters to him and that he is proud of it, but later understands that being a Royal does not matter at all, gives him no pride, and that his identity is his own. His changing understanding is revealed through the use of third-person point of view, characterization, and symbolism.

3rd Person-POV:”He lay struggling with the shiny wet jacket”

Characterization: “The world didn’t know he was Andy. The world didn’t know he was alive.”

Symbolism:”or had they only stabbed the jacket and the title and what good was the title if you were dying?” -symbolizes the jacket and what it stands for.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I think a strength I have as an english student is being able to work productively if set with a really clear goal and a good idea.

I think a weakness I have as an english student is getting stuck in one area too long and not being able to move on.

Welcome to Your New Blog!

When you blog you create posts and posts are categorised according to your subject. Some categories have already been set up for you. If you need more categories you can add them as needed. It’s important that your posts have the following:

  • An engaging title – this should not include the name of the subject since this is referenced in the category.
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