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America’s Independence: Tax, Tea & Arrogant People

The American Revolution started all because of the war which Britain fought against the French and American Natives League. They won, but they paid the price for it. So they wanted their fellow American colonists to help and pay, and the colonists said no.

Reasonably, nobody likes tax, so nor does the American colonists! Especially when Britain taxes on their beloved tea, colonists were frustrated. These people had kind of an argument against their motherland, thinking that the British King and Parliament shouldn’t interfere too much of their business. Why? Because America has declared itself INDEPENDENT.

So what, in more specific manners, happened? Click the video below to see more about the American Revolution, created by Alina Y. and me!

MURDER: Lizzie Borden & the No.1 Interesting Trail of Century!

The book that I have been reading throughout this unit is “The Borden Murders: Lizzie Borden and the Trial of the Century”, by Sarah Miller. The theme that I discovered is “suspicion often results alienate between people”, which is showed throughout the book and especially in the last chapters (Aftermath). I’d recommend this book because it really is interesting, it tells the case rather similar to a story, and gives a lot of description. Also, the book contains maps, pictures and extra info about or related to the case, which makes me understand more. After all, I learned from this unit that nonfiction books aren’t just facts and facts loaded together, instead, they can be very descriptive. Other than that, I’ve also known a historical event on murder, which is indeed worth my interest!

Boxers: Violence Leads to Bad Reputation

Up to this point of our learning on Imperialism, the Boxers deserved a bad rep. This is because the Boxers planned to burn down chapels and committed deliberate murder of westerners. Common people of China during that period had no idea of what science is, and so they believed that they could create potions which drinking it would give the taker superpowers like controlling fire and protection from bullets and weapons. They harmed a lot of people, Christians, foreigners, and also Chinese common people. These actions showed that the Boxers are a chaotic group with thoughts that lag behind the average level of skill and understanding of the world at that time. Therefore, the Boxers deserve a bad rep.

Covering Hermia

Hermia’s Personal Magazine Cover by Akina Tse

This magazine cover I created using Canva is a character analysis about Hermia from the play Mid-Summer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. I chose this girl’s picture for the background of my cover because I think it really fits Hermia as a character, and as an elegant girl. I am proud of my design on the cover and I think that it looks fairly nice.

Are You a Humanist?

Are You a Humanist?

Overall, I think that I am partly a humanist. From my percentage ranking of the five elements I listed, I have an average percentage of 56.6%. I am very much into philosophy just like the infographic shown, and not as passionate about sciences and architecture.

The Power of Love

The American actor Michael Bergin once said: “My parents loved me, and I want to be worthy of their love.” “The Aged Mother” tells a story about a poor peasant and his mother, who lived in an area that had a policy in which all old people are to be abandoned and to die on their own. The peasant has no choice but to obey the policy, but his mother’s action of love makes the peasant change his mind, and so he hides away his mother and begs the government to delete this rule. From the plot above shown, the big idea of this passage is about love for blood relatives and the filial piety from children to parents. Here’s why…

In the story “The Aged Mother” by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that love for relatives usually invigorates people to face and overcome big difficulties. When the mother tells her son to follow the path which she lay with twigs to go home, the son cried, “I will not leave you. Together we will follow the path and twigs, and together we will die” (Basho 2). During this moment the son is touched by his mother’s love. He feels very guilty of trying to abandon his old and weak mother, but more than that, he also turns determined of protecting his mother from staying alone to die, for maybe he would lose his life from too. Later in the story, the farmer satisfies the government’s demand, and when the governor asks for his wisdom, he says, “‘The truth must be told!’ … [the farmer] relates his story” (Basho 3). From the previous text showed, the farmer stands out to the governor with his mother’s help and appeals for his mother’s difficult and stressed experience. He does even though he may be captured and punished by the governor since his saying is conflicted with the country’s policy. This shows that the son really loves his mother and is determined to fight against the cruel rule in spite of any cost he may have to disburse.

Overall, the theme and main idea of “The Aged Mother” is about love and filial duty. The author indicates that the power of love can stimulate people to face hardships no matter their level of difficulty. This surely is a warm story but also reveals a meaningful statement, which inspires us to think about our family: Would you obey the situation if you were demanded to abandon your parent?

Conflict Before Bedtime

This found poem that I have created was taken from the short passage “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher. It shows an external conflict of man versus man, which the protagonist struggles with his dad. In the rising action of the story, “I” illustrates his everyday life with his mother and father, he goes to his mother and father for good night kisses. In this passage, “I” comes across as an eight-year-old boy who struggles and tries to get a goodnight kiss from his dad, because one day, he was unmanaged to get the kiss from his dad before he goes to bed.  At last, he realizes that he is already too old to be kissed by his father. By the same time, he also wonders if he will one day lose his mother’s kisses as well. Hopefully, this slightly awkward situation will be solved.

HELP! Project Intro & “Drop 0”

“Ughhhhhh…I’m so hungry! But I still have work to do, how can I order some fast food that arrives quickly? ”

“Then why don’t you try out our new drone delivery? Fast, soft and accurate!”

Hmmm… what is a drone delivery? The hungry man may ask, which also may be your question. Well, drone delivery is a new kind of delivery manner, using drones —–a kind of small unmanned plane as the transportation tool. Even though the technology of it is still waiting for more improvement, drones are already used in the daily life of several regions and countries. And now, our small group HELP! is working on developing the drone package system, mainly the drop with a package of fast food and hamburger. The purpose of this project is to experience what future life may look like and develop our creation and collaboration skills. Our group chose hamburgers as our product because a lot of people are calling food delivery almost every day, and we believe that there will be even more fast food and deliveries like this in the future.

As a member mainly responsible for the materials to use, I have my own research question: What are the best materials for the chute(canopy) that can help control the stability, speed, and accuracy? And as a group, HELP! promises our customers that their package will land at a speed 1.5meters/ second or lower, by developing the rope, size, shape, and materials of the chute.

For recording data, we did a drop 0 investigation a few days ago. The purpose of this is to record down the data of the package when it falls down from the 2nd floor in the FA space to the first floor without any protection. With this data, the group will be able to notice if there will be an improvement after we add on the chutes and protection.

Above all, the main purpose of this project is to develop skills of creation and collaboration, and also try what it may be like if these drones completely combine into people’s everyday lives. My research question is linked to the design criteria of HELP!. Soft and stable material can help control the landing speed of the box, so it is really important to consider the stability, speed, and accuracy when we start testing. For our next step, HELP! will meet together and figure out a specific procedure, limitations and the dimensions,  and write down our second blog.


“Underground” Story Blurb

It is 2050 A.D. and Zoey Sterlin is a girl who just moved above ground to Boston with her father from the Underground. It is her first time seeing the sky and she is extremely excited. Unfortunately, an unknown virus burst out suddenly and infected a considerable number of people in a short amount of time. As one of the members volunteered to find the source of the virus which comes from the Underground, Zoey faces her past 18 years which she thought she would never look back to. What secrets does the Underground hide? To have a read of my story, click here

The Screencast Flyover of Zoey’s Bedroom Design:  SciFi Story Tinkercad Flyover


Maths Habitat Design Team Thank You and Reflection Note

Dear Chelsea and Aaron,

Thank you for working with me on our habitat design.

One of the places where this habitat connects to my story is the 17th paragraph where Zoey (the main character) stays home and waits for her dad to arrive home. Her father and she had a discussion which led to the main problem, and so this part is very important. Thank you for helping me include this space in our project.

As a team, I’ve been impressed with our ability to work together and compromise with each other. We worked together to make up a new design, figured out the dimensions, and where rooms and furniture fit and worked on it together. That was very helpful and I really appreciate it.

On the other hand, I also hope that we could have been better at communicating and sharing the responsibilities of working on the different parts of our design. I think this is important because it will help us work and finish it quicker and more efficiently. One thing I can do is work on my part and finish it when it is my responsibility to work on it.


Akina Tse.

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