A Journal of a Colonist During The American Revolution

George Franklin was a teenager who soon became a soldier fighting for his own nation. He has gone through terrible things like being stabbed.

at the beginning of the journal, George experienced the first taxes that was put on the colonists, later he experienced Lexington and Concord as a solider, and also the treaty of Paris and its great happiness it brought.

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The Revolution of the Century ( American Revolution )

American Revolution had a massive impact on America’s History and many people’s lives. It also showed me many things about revolutions. For Example, America fought for independence under the rule of one of the strongest countries in the world during the time and still won the hard-fought battle showing, even if you are against the strongest opponent, you need to fight for what you believe and never give up on what’s right.

Google IT

https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/fe54af93-a52e-4507-b841-aa81d1d3da88 <--- Microsoft Stream Video Google IT is a book written by Anna Crowley Redding, who lives outside of portland with her two children and enjoys telling stories to children. At the beginning of the book, Sergey and Larry didn't get along but later they found out they had a lot in common and both had a crazy idea to change the system of searching and that was why "Backrub" was created ( now named Google ). Before, when you wanted to look something up, you had to go to a library and find the information out of thick textbooks so it was really difficult. Then, later on in the book it talks about the successes and challenges of Google and how it became what it is today. you should really read this book because it may cause a big change to your life, if theres someone you work with who you dont like, you may find them really nice and helpful if you talk to them for a bit instead of ignoring them.

Found Poem

“Smile Back” – Alexander Gal He

This Poem has a external conflict because the girl and her mom are talking about their response to the world

In Stanza 4 & 5 it says ” Smile at the world, and the word’ll smile back” showing that this is a conflict between the little girl and the world.

The photo I chose is a drawing on a wall of a little girl smiling, I chose this picture because she will always smile at people who walk past and she will always be there smiling

( links to original story : https://www.commonlit.org/en/students/student_lessons/5630618 )

New Year Door Decoration 3000

My Biggest Success is my door decoration fits.

My Biggest Obstacle was when Tejomay and i accidentally cut the paper too small , we came up with a solution to make the top of the door and bottom of the door further from the ground and ceiling to avoid paper jams.

One thing i would like to change is every piece of paper we cut we should double check.

Cell Phones Shouldn’t Be BANNED in School

Cell phones shouldn’t be banned in school because there are many useful and helpful things that they can provide you. There are many students that say they should have their cell phones because of educational apps and that cellphones aren’t the only distraction to kids learning, and most importantly all the other problems banning cell phones can cause.

Cell phones shouldn’t be banned in schools because there are many educational apps that help the students homework and study , In ISB the math teacher allows students to use an app called “PhotoMath” this app can help the student do their homework, correct mistakes and also be a study guide. Another example is “Brainpop” this app can teach you in a variety courses some examples could be : Humanities, Mathematics, Science and others… Brainpop Also Provides an easy learning system if you like to read they can provide Ebooks, if you like listening and watching they can provide you short clips and videos, and if you like to play games they can provide you educational games. Also, in a school named Barrington students are allowed to use their electronics during break, in the hallways , and basically anywhere else except the classroom. Cell Phones shouldn’t be banned because of all the helpful, efficient and quick learning ways unlike hours of flipping through old textbooks and documents.

Cell phones shouldn’t be banned in school because they aren’t the only distraction to student’s learning environment. A study conducted by teachers showed that cellphones are not the only distractions to students according to SIRS, so if the school bans cellphones then the other problems are still there, you may argue that cellphones should be banned because if cellphones are banned the students won’t have anything to do which will increase the chance of bullying and other dangerous things. In conclusion, Cell Phones should not be banned because even if they were banned there are still many other problems that could affect a students learning environment.

Some argue that cellphones should be banned because they are a big distraction to students learning environment. In Barrington the teacher found a way to not ban cell phone but still keeping their students have a controlled cell phone usage and learning environment at the same time, but there are still many problems like what would happen if a social media notification pops up or any other distracting things. All in all Cell Phones should not be banned because they can still be controlled and also be a fast, efficient and helpful tool to help students learning environment.

Nevertheless, cell phones shouldn’t be banned because of what they could provide, problems they could solve and while being controlled still to provide the students a helpful, affective, and easy learning apps, also cellphones aren’t the only distraction to kids learning, and most importantly all the other problems banning cellphones can cause.



"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" – Albert Einstein

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