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Imagination is more important than knowledge.- Albert Einstein

A Revolution Caused by Greediness


Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one. -Thomas Paine

The very start of the American Revolution, all started with the French and Indian war. British won, but get into a financial problem, to solve the problem, the parliament decides to tax the American colonist. Several acts were passed down and repealed because the American colonists were angry and protested against the acts. Later, people’s anger increased constantly, they wanted freedom and independence. On July 4th, 1776, the declaration of independence was approved, American declares war on Britain. After all, the treaty of Paris were signed off to finish this revolution, ending up with Britain giving all the land except for Florida.

Comparing to before when the king was in charge, after the revolution president is in charge, but the power is still in the white, rich and old man’s hand. The citizens have the freedom of worship after the revolution, religions were allowed. Sadly, the rights of women, slaves and native Americans are still not gained.


The End Led By The Murder

The book The Borden Murders is written by Sarah Miller, the book is mainly talking about the story of Lizzie Borden and the murder case. Sarah Miller believes society’s implicit bias on women usually causes unequal treatment for women.

I would say that I’m not recommending this book. The first reason is that the whole book is just talking about the murder, it is very detailed, but after reading for a long time it gets boring and insipid. Only if you’re very interested in this murder you can read it. The second reason is more of personal thought, the book didn’t reveal the murderer at the end, which made me disappointed, because as I follow the case, I want an end to the case in the book. This book didn’t make me a successful end, so I would not recommend it to other people that want an end at the end of the book. Overall for a non-fiction book, it is very detailed and very serious, but for a book talking about a murder case, it’s not good enough.

I have learned many different skills in this nonfiction unit, such as organize notes in a way that helps track various points, reread the old parts and etc. I enjoy this unit, it had taught me new reading skills, and I also learned more about social problems.

Boxers, Nice or Not

Till this point, the Boxers don’t deserve a bad reputation. The westerners came and built churches and are conveying people to become Christian. Local people found local to ask to stop building the churches, but the official can’t help because of the unequal treaty. The action of the government made the local people start protecting themselves. The Boxer is not killing people for no reason. They didn’t know what these westerners are here doing, and so they have to protect themselves. The western troops came in and started killing people that they think to have a threat. In the end, many innocent people have been killed. Westerners are killing more people than the boxer and didn’t even try to figure out the Boxer. Boxer didn’t kill very many people, they only stuck westerners in this place, but didn’t kill them. The westerners are different, they killed everybody strong, or they think that have a threat, a lot of people got killed just because of their appearance. These all show that Boxer doesn’t deserve a bad reputation for their actions.

Beauty And Wisdom

I analyze Hermia in the Mid Summer Night Dream, I conclude that she is a woman that has her opinion and is beautiful looking.

Hermia A girl that has an opinion by Alina Yuan


I’m 2/5 humanist because I took the average of the 5 scores for how I think I’m a humanist on each of the subjects. I think I am the most humanist in their belief, but I don’t really agree with their new idea.

Infographic by Alina

Working for CERER

Animals are working for a better life. The story of “The Little Girl Who Would Not Work” tells a story about a little girl and different animals. The little girl lives with her mother, and she loves to play outdoor among the flowers and the bees. Her mother thought that she’s old enough to do some work, but the little girl didn’t want to. The child ran out to play but found out that every little animal is busy. Inspired by the little animals, she decided to go home and do her work. The big idea of this story is the responsibility of your own work.

In the story “The Little Girl Who Would Not Work”, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, the author believes that everyone has a responsibility to help their family to succeed and should not make excuses and be selfish. She ran out to play and finds a squirrel, she asked the squirrel if he needs to work” Why, I am working now…I have a family living in the old oak tree, and I must store away nuts for the winter. I have no time to stop and play “(Bailey 1). From the previous quote, the squirrel is working for foods in the winter. Even a squirrel is working to help his family to get over the winter with abundant foods. The little girl did not really believe that the squirrel has to work when she asked. Later she asked different animals but didn’t believe that even flowers need to work. The little girl sat down upon a stone and asked pink clover if she has to work,”’ Oh, yes, I am very busy…the flowers must all work”’ (Bailey 2). From this quote, even the flower has to work. The little girl realizes how she’s so idle because she didn’t want to help her mom and ran out to play.  The little girl ran back home and said to her mom, “’ Mother, the Squirrels and the Bees and the Ants and the Flowers all work. I am the only idle one. I want some work to do “’(Bailey 2). In the end, the little girl perceived how her idle is another way of selfishness and excuses. The little girl learns that she must work to help and not just ran out to play because she doesn’t want to work.

In conclusion, the theme of the story “The Little Girl Who Would Not Work” is about responsibility. This is an implication and warm story, the little girl realized that idle can’t be your excuses for not working.

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Fishing for Conflict

My found poem is selected from Amy Tan‘s story, “Fish Cheeks“. This found poem shows an external conflict in the text. It is an external conflict because the antagonist is Amy Tan and the protagonist is her mom/family, it’s not a conflict about decision inside someone, so it’s an external conflict. My poem shows the conflict by describing mostly Amy Tan’s feeling, and showing how embarrassed she felt about the Chinese Christmas, and why she felt like that. The background image I choose for my poem is a fish that has a pump cheek, it also matches the title of the story I chose. The fish cheek is something Amy Tan likes to eat.

The link of the background picture

Geology Timeline

Geology Time Periods

Something Amazing and Original definitely not MYTHBUSTER BP2

  1. Read at least 4 different sources.
  2. Find icons or images for poster.
  3. Cite the work.
  4. The wi-Fi problem for Canva.
  5. Finding titles for my project.

Wash your hands frequently

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