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Reading Reflection Number 1

The book I am currently reading is called ‘Dark Triumph’ and it is a romance novel.                                                                                              I would describe this novel as mysterious with a hint of romance, but not a lot. The story contains a lot of graphic details such as blood and gore and a couple of explicit scenes as well.

The story is based at some point during the 15th century in Brittany. The main character is a young woman named Sybella D’Albret. She lives in an unpleasant environment with her father, D’Albret, and her brother Julian. Everyone in the palace thinks that Sybella is loyal to her father, however, we learn that this is not the case and that she is actually trying to rescue a prisoner who her father plans to kill. The prisoner is a duchess’ strongest warrior named Beast and is in dire need to return to the Duchess. After Sybella escaped with the Beast they face an array of different challenges.

SWOT Analysis Table


–      If I start reading I can read for quite a long time.


–      I don’t reach much

–      Not that good at spelling



–      Read different types of books


–      Dyslexia ( makes reading not so fun, that’s why I don’t read much )


One target: By reading more often, I would like to be able to improve my vocabulary and spelling. I will know when I have achieved this when I read over my writing and see that I have improved over time.

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