Bloody History : French Revolution (BY Amy, Christina)

After watching my video, you can fully understand the French Revolution. The most significant ideas I found in this revolution are liberty, fraternity, equality. The French Revolution completely changed the social and political structure of France. It put an end to the French monarchy, feudalism, and took political power from the Catholic church. Revolution is very common in the past period of time, while making this summary video I can point out the cycle of the revolution. Based on my idea from other revolutions such as the Russian revolution, I realize if one person gets all the power others will rebel against it, however, after the revolution, there is still someone who sizes all power. In conclusion, the French Revolution is a valuable historical event throughout history, and you can imagine and feel how human’s desire can lead to terrible terror and complete chaos in this revolution. Let’s hop into the time machine and explore more about the revolution!–learn more about the revolution!  more detail?

33 hopes in deep earth: Book trapped

Trapped is a book by Marc Aronson the book explores the 33miners trapped in 2300feet underground. Miners were starving and desperate, and also the families above. The rescuers were trying hard to get them out and the entire world was desperate to save the rapped crew. 

We can find lots of different messages while reading this book and one of the messages(theme) of this book is that being trapped gives us a chance to experience those dramatic days as if we had been there taking us deep and back again in this powerful true story of solidarity, perseverance, and hope. For example, beginning of chapter five: hope,” Hope that was the impossible nearly invisible thread linking Urzua’s men trapped below and their anxious families above……The uncle of one of the miners said ‘But we can’t lose hope” Due to fact that they mansion hope a lot, we can image how miserable was the families only thing they can do is hoping, in this book author usually describe families feeling as hope which shows that one of author’s message.

 There Are many reasons why you should read this book because It’s a really valuable book. Firstly, it explores the significance of the safety system. Actually, this san José mine accident happen because mine didn’t have any safety system and emergency exit. Interest thing about this kind of accident is this kind of accident still happen in nowadays, especially to a construction worker and miners ext. for example fatal U.S mining accidents dropped in 2019  which lead to 24 miners death (U.S mining accidents) and sago mine disaster, it also causes 1 death (sago mine disaster). Can you believe it? This kind of awful thing still happens repeatedly.  It will be more interesting while you read this book because it talks about how this happens and how they cover this issue. Secondly, this book contains an exciting survival story and a clear ending. It’s a short book so you can finish it in the least 3days. If you enjoy survival exciting non-fiction you must read this.

 I personally really enjoy this book trapped because I learned lots of different messages from this book, and I did some other research and realized that this kind of accident happens often. It surprises me, and I love the way the author describes the whole process because it’s really detailed and interesting. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

did Boxer deserve a bad reputation?

The Boxers do deserve a bad reputation because the Boxers assaulted foreigners and even Chinese who were in the Church. My evidence shows that the Boxers tried to use violence to solve the problem and they blamed everything on Church. They burnt the foreigners’ properties but mostly the Chinese properties were burnt, and this shows that they caused damage to their own country and others. Cutting off the telegraph lines blocked the foreigners to communicating,  and this caused confusion and panic in other countries. This was the cause of the fake news and saddened many families. In conclusion, because the boxers were violent toward foreigners and ruined their properties and freedom to communicate, they deserve a bad reputation

new super star

 Hermia, from “Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare, is a brave, innocent, and loyal girl. First, Hermia is a brave girl because inline 203 “ Take comfort: he no more shall see my face: Lysander and myself will fly this place.” This shows she is brave enough to break the rules and go follow her love. Secondly, she is innocent, in line 140 “ O hell to choose love by another’s eyes!” This shows she wants to be with someone who she really loves which means she believes in true love and doesn’t know the reality, because this quote means to have a love life determined by someone else, not her. Last, she is a loyal girl because inline 80 she says, “ So will I grow, so live, so die, my lord. Ere I will my virgin patent up. Unto his lordship, whose unwished yoke. My soul consents not to give sovereignty.” This shows she is very loyal to her love (Lysander), she can give up everything to her love. This all evidence and reasons show that she is a brave, innocent, and loyal girl.  



found poem fish cheek, amy kim

my found poem is from the fish’s a short story about a Chinese girl fell Embarrassed about her culture and don’t wanna show it to her crush but her parents invite crush’s family for Christmas eve dinner. but long after she realizes there’s no embarrassing about her culture. I use the internal complex about her feeling. I draw the Chinese girl speak out loud and tell everyone she was wrong, I draw her look a little bit sad because that’s here mistake and she can’t fix the past.