Zhi Ruo Li’s Journal (Chinese Cultural Revolution)

I was learning the Chinese Cultural  Revolution and our assignment was to write three journals. The journal is in the point of view of a person that was living during the Cultural Revolution.


Chinese Cultural Revolution in Plain English

Our assignment is to make a video for the revolution that we chose in humanities. My partner is Sienna Wong, we have collaborated well in making the video together. We have made the video on time and I edited the video. Sienna’s drawings were really good

Theme for Quiet Power by Susan Cain

My book is Quiet Power by Susan Cain. I think the theme of this book is; just because introverts are different, doesn’t mean you can judge them. “Society often overloads us introverts. We idolize the talkers and the spotlight seekers, as if they are the role models everyone should be emulating.” This quote can show that people judge introverts and also don’t give introverts a lot of attention. I think people should read this book because there are a lot of introverts around us and we might not notice. This book helps with teaching people about introverts and their lives and also helps letting introverts know that there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert.

I learned from this nonfiction unit how to find theme and central idea quicker. I also learned to reread important or confusing parts of the book.



Boxer Rebellion


Boxer Rebellion CER

I think the boxers don’t deserve a bad reputation.  During the 1800s, the Britain traders and merchants were smuggling opium into China. China ended up stopping it way later. Millions of people were addicted to it. The boxers defended their country’s people from getting more addicted to the drug by killing those foreigners. Sure, it wasn’t the nicest way of doing things, but it worked out in the end. Second reason was that the Boxers helped defend China when the 8 countries came to invade. Without the Boxers, China would have been destroyed. The boxers’ rebellion might be a reaction to the unfair treatment of the country by foreign powers. 

Many people might say The Boxers deserve a bad rap because like killing Chinese Christians and burning missionaries. But I think they just do things in a different way. In 1898, they started the boxer war and attacked missionaries as well as Chinese Christians. They burned legations and buildings and also killed a lot of foreigners. A lot of people might use that as evidence and say they do deserve a bad reputation. I think the Boxers were just angry that foreigners were taking over China and spreading bad things like drugs. I think they had a right to be angry that their country is getting worse because of foreigners and they wanted to get rid of them. The boxers did it in a more violent way, but they just wanted to fight for what was right to them.


Facebook page for Hermia in a summer night’s dream

The posts I put on the facebook page were Hermia’s actions is doing in the play. She wanted to run away with Lysander, and she didn’t want to marry Demetrius. I think Hermia is a very strong character and very persistent. She will fight until she can marry Lysander.  This is shown in the play, “I do entreat your grace to pardon me… if I refuse to wed Demetrius” The quote shows that she will take punishment for not marrying Demetrius and she will fight for it.

Favorite quote I picked “The course of true love never runs smooth” because in this play it shows that Hermia and Lysander both have to fight for their love. It is not smooth because Hermia is being forced to marry someone she didn’t love. This can be shown in the text, “If then true lovers have been ever cross’d…Wishes and tears, poor fancy’s followers.” For favorite music, I picked I don’t love anyone else because it is showing that no matter what her father does, she still doesn’t love Demetrius. Comments I put Egeus not agreeing with Hermia because it was the same in the play. Egeus is forcing Hermia to marry Demetrius and he is mad that she isn’t following his rules. This can be shown in the play, it says “true, he hath my love..I do estate unto Demetrius.”

For the pictures, I picked Emma Watson in beauty and the beast because I think beauty and the beast reminds me of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Helena also mentioned in the play that Hermia was beautiful, that was the only evidence for Hermia’s looks.

Helena is jealous of Hermia. This can be shown when they were comparing. Helena says, “Call you me fair? That fair again unsay… You sway the motion of Demetrius’ heart” Helena is jealous of Hermia’s beauty and that Demetrius is in love with her.

Lysander loves Hermia. His love can be shown in, “ A good persuasion:  therefore, hear me, Hermia…. There will I stay for thee.”

More about Midsummer Night’s Dream: https://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/msnd/section1/



CERER for “The Monkey’s Paw”

CERER “The Monkey’s Paw “

Many people believe “Wishes only come true in fairy tales.” However, in this fiction story called “The Monkey’s Paw,” the wishes do come true but with consequences.  

The theme in “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W. Jacob is to be happy for what you have and don’t focus on what you don’t have. “‘The first man had his three wishes, yes. I don’t know what the first two wishes were but the third was for death. That’s how I got the paw.’ He spoke so seriously that everybody became quiet” (Jacob 2). The major knows that the paw must be bad because he knew that the first man wished for death.The first owner’s wishes didn’t turn out good because he wouldn’t have wished for death with his final wish if they did. Despite this, the couple was still excitedly asking the major questions about the paw,  but after hearing him talk about the first man’s wishes, everyone grew quiet.  We can tell that the major didn’t want anyone else to have the paw since he spoke in a serious tone. The major was trying to save them from wanting more things than they needed and regretting using the paw. He was also trying to tell them not to be greedy, nor to wish for things they didn’t need. The major was so concerned about people using the paw for wishes that he went to extreme measures to keep people from using it. The major burned the paw hoping it would be destroyed so no one else would use it. “‘No. I threw it on the fire. If you keep it, don’t then say that it is my fault. Be sensible – throw it on the fire again!’” (Jacob 2) The major’s face whitened when the couple wouldn’t listen to him and insisted on using the monkey’s paw. He responded quietly to them when asked if he had been granted his wishes. He wanted to burn the paw so that it would not cause more trouble. This showed that the major realized not to be greedy. He wanted to tell Mr. White not to focus on what they don’t have but instead be happy with his own life. Unfortunately, Mr. White didn’t listen to the major and used the monkey’s paw to wish for more things. He wished for 200 pounds, but the 200 pounds came from the death of their son. The evilness of the monkey’s paw was giving you what you thought you wanted, but then taking away what you loved at the same time.

The major and the couple got what they wished for in the end but not in a good way.  The author wanted us to know not to be selfish. Would you use the monkey’s paw?

found poem

 I made this poem from the short story “Thank you M’am” by Langston Hughes. This story is about a boy who tried to take a lady’s purse but got caught instead. The conflict was that the lady didn’t turn him in and was super kind to him. That taught him a lesson and made him realize he shouldn’t steal. 

I think the internal conflict in Thank you M’am occurs when Roger was deciding if he should run away or not. The short story begins when Roger tried to take a woman’s bag (Mrs. Jones) . He was caught by Mrs. Jones, but she didn’t turn him in. She treated him with kindness, which caused him to feel conflicted. I think this is the internal conflict because if Mrs. Jones didn’t treat her with kindness, he would have ran away. First of all,  he could have ran away when the door was open but didn’t. In the story,  “the door was open. He could make a dash for it down the hall. He could run, run, run, run, run!” This was further shown in my second evidence which said, “Roger looked at the door-looked at the women-looked at the door- and went to the sink.”  This shows that Roger had the time to contemplate escaping. He was pausing to think if he should or not and he’s also thinking about his actions and Mrs. Jones’ particular reaction. The last evidence is when he could have taken the purse but he didn’t want to be mistrusted. The text said “ He did not trust the woman not to trust him. And he did not want to be mistrusted now.” In the Beginning, Roger would not think twice to steal but now because of Mrs. Jones’s actions, he thinks differently. 


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