The posts I put on the facebook page were Hermia’s actions is doing in the play. She wanted to run away with Lysander, and she didn’t want to marry Demetrius. I think Hermia is a very strong character and very persistent. She will fight until she can marry Lysander.  This is shown in the play, “I do entreat your grace to pardon me… if I refuse to wed Demetrius” The quote shows that she will take punishment for not marrying Demetrius and she will fight for it.

Favorite quote I picked “The course of true love never runs smooth” because in this play it shows that Hermia and Lysander both have to fight for their love. It is not smooth because Hermia is being forced to marry someone she didn’t love. This can be shown in the text, “If then true lovers have been ever cross’d…Wishes and tears, poor fancy’s followers.” For favorite music, I picked I don’t love anyone else because it is showing that no matter what her father does, she still doesn’t love Demetrius. Comments I put Egeus not agreeing with Hermia because it was the same in the play. Egeus is forcing Hermia to marry Demetrius and he is mad that she isn’t following his rules. This can be shown in the play, it says “true, he hath my love..I do estate unto Demetrius.”

For the pictures, I picked Emma Watson in beauty and the beast because I think beauty and the beast reminds me of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Helena also mentioned in the play that Hermia was beautiful, that was the only evidence for Hermia’s looks.

Helena is jealous of Hermia. This can be shown when they were comparing. Helena says, “Call you me fair? That fair again unsay… You sway the motion of Demetrius’ heart” Helena is jealous of Hermia’s beauty and that Demetrius is in love with her.

Lysander loves Hermia. His love can be shown in, “ A good persuasion:  therefore, hear me, Hermia…. There will I stay for thee.”

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