Boxer Rebellion CER

I think the boxers don’t deserve a bad reputation.  During the 1800s, the Britain traders and merchants were smuggling opium into China. China ended up stopping it way later. Millions of people were addicted to it. The boxers defended their country’s people from getting more addicted to the drug by killing those foreigners. Sure, it wasn’t the nicest way of doing things, but it worked out in the end. Second reason was that the Boxers helped defend China when the 8 countries came to invade. Without the Boxers, China would have been destroyed. The boxers’ rebellion might be a reaction to the unfair treatment of the country by foreign powers. 

Many people might say The Boxers deserve a bad rap because like killing Chinese Christians and burning missionaries. But I think they just do things in a different way. In 1898, they started the boxer war and attacked missionaries as well as Chinese Christians. They burned legations and buildings and also killed a lot of foreigners. A lot of people might use that as evidence and say they do deserve a bad reputation. I think the Boxers were just angry that foreigners were taking over China and spreading bad things like drugs. I think they had a right to be angry that their country is getting worse because of foreigners and they wanted to get rid of them. The boxers did it in a more violent way, but they just wanted to fight for what was right to them.