Theme for Quiet Power by Susan Cain

My book is Quiet Power by Susan Cain. I think the theme of this book is; just because introverts are different, doesn’t mean you can judge them. “Society often overloads us introverts. We idolize the talkers and the spotlight seekers, as if they are the role models everyone should be emulating.” This quote can show that people judge introverts and also don’t give introverts a lot of attention. I think people should read this book because there are a lot of introverts around us and we might not notice. This book helps with teaching people about introverts and their lives and also helps letting introverts know that there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert.

I learned from this nonfiction unit how to find theme and central idea quicker. I also learned to reread important or confusing parts of the book.



  1. I really like your theme and the way the video is structured! I also really liked how you used a clear voice to talk in the video!

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