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Lightbox Reflection

for our product design unit one, we were challenged to make a lightbox about a location we couldn’t visit due to COVID. for my lightbox, i chose to make a mountain/snowy landscape that resembles Switzerland. we did go there before the pandemic, but all we really did was stay at home and participate in online class so we didn’t get to do much during our time there.

*insert picture here* (3)

i learnt a lot of skills during class with Adobe Illustrator, an app that can shape all types of objects online. first, we had to draw a paper cutout of our lightbox prototype, then, i managed to create and cut the lightbox out of wood with a specific size on Adobe.

Even with this finished, there are things i would like to change if i had a second chance. i would make my skis smaller and change the design of the ski poles since they look upside-down. i would also change the silver paint to a grey so that it looks less shiny and more natural, and i would’ve wanted to add some white bits on the top for snow and further decoration, and maybe took more time to paint the skies and the skis to make them look more interesting to other people.

American Revolution… in Plain English!

this is a video where students Aaron and Angel explain the American revolution in plain english. it consists of cutouts, reliable information, and lots of effort was put in this work/project. in 1770-1783, the Americans decided to sever their relation with the British in order to gain independence. this video explains the entire history of the revolution, from how it starts to how it ends.

Can Salt Change The World?


Book and Author: Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky

The book is a historical non-fiction that describes how salt has intertwined itself into becoming an important commodity all around the world. The book discusses how since the discovery of salt, people’s beliefs and behavior has changed. Not only this, but salt has enhanced the development of our overall civilization.


Theme: Reliance

Not only has salt generated a reliance from individuals and groups of people, but the overall enhancement and development of history, culture and civilization has also depended on the discovery and continuous finding of salt.


Explain the Theme: 

“Africans have maintained a tradition of a wide variety of different salts for different dishes, but they always treat any salt as a valuable substance that must not be wasted.” (Chapter 2, Fish, Fowl and Pharaohs. Page 35)

Specifically describing the use and dependence of salt in Ancient Egypt. The directly states that salt is a commodity that cannot be wasted showing that the people depend on it very much for a variety of different things.

“The history of the Americas is one of constant warfare over salt. Whoever controlled salt was in power. This was true before Europeans arrived, and it continued to be the reality until after the American Civil War.” (Chapter 12, American Salt Wars. Page 147)

Reflects the importance of salt to society, so much so that it was physically fought over on large scales.
I believe that these two quotes do a good job at representing the importance of salt to two distinctly different cultures. However, although the two cultures were different and at two different periods of time in history, the quotes help suggest that salt still played an important role nonetheless.


Should you read this book?

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

1. The book is very interesting because it is able to tie something so simple, like salt, to much bigger concepts and theories regarding the development of civilization and culture;
2. It describes many different things about different cultures all around the world, this makes for a very good learning experience, especially learning about different values and eating habits in different places.
3. The book does not have a very clear story-board of structure, making the read somewhat confusing at times.


Recommendation? I would recommend this book to those who enjoy reading historical non-fiction, especially those who like to learn a lot about cultures in different areas of the world.

Sewable Electronic Prototype

After deciding on the design and getting my teacher to approve it, I started with paper cutouts and sized them to fit like what I wanted It to be That way, I can trace it on the fabric and cut it out so it will be much easier.

One I cut out all the shapes I needed, I put them together roughly to look like my design. After this step, I can get a teacher to approve this and start with the actual fabric work.

One by one, I cut out each size for the colored fabric and them lay them on the background. Then I slowly improved it by cutting a hole in order for the goggles to fix, and adding a supporting fabric underneath the wire so that it could balance. But that was soon redacted since it makes the thin piece difficult to sew. Then i lay them out again.

Instead of glueing them fabric together, I decided to sew them together because that way, it is more firm and less easier to fall off, and the fabric glue takes more time to dry off. When I realized that the light might not be visible, I cut a hole small enough to fit through it. I decide to cover the sides where I sew with the small sections of blue wire so that it looks more clean. Then i started the sewing work.

After a couple of days of sewing, it was done. I didn’t plan at all where i would tie off and tie on, so it turned out to be extremely messy. The battery holder was surprisingly easy to sew, fortunately. When I connected it to the light, I had to make sure it won’t be visible after adding the two wires, so I put them very close together, and that’s when I realized I didn’t make a running stitch. I had to keep it in place with another yellow thread, but before that, i successfully sew the wires on without ruining the design. And even better, the light works. Now I just need to attach a pin to the fabric.

It took a long time, but when I was done, I successfully sewn the pin to the back. Afterwards, I realized the light doesn’t always shine as bright as it does before. Then I added more supporting threads on the battery, then it worked and shone brighter than it used to, with very less flickering.

Do The Boxers Deserve a Bad Reputation? CER and Thinglink

After learning about the Boxer Rebellion, I realize that the Boxers deserve a bad reputation because they were relentless murderers, and started a war because of a minor problem. During the start, the Chinese didn’t enjoy some of the foreigners who started building over their property. soon, the weather started to fail, causing many floods across Shandong. at that time, the people were already suspicious that it was the foreigners’ doing, believing they bring bad luck. soon after that, droughts started to happen, and that’s when the people couldn’t take it any longer. they formed a group called “The Boxers”, and started to protest and fight against the foreigners. Soon, the Tianjing residents were forced to leave Shandong due to the chaos that was happening among the Boxers and the foreigners. During the Boxer Rebellion, the people were becoming so fearful of the Boxers, that they eventually joined the British to seek shelter and finally be safe. Meanwhile, the Boxers started to believe that they are indestructible and can control fire to only burn equipment that were associated with foreign people. But that plan soon backfired when the fire burned down all their architecture and buildings. Based on evidence, this proves that the Boxers deserve a bad reputation because they put fear into innocent people, and started a war because of an unrealistic belief.

MSND Magazine Cover Task

Shakespeare Relationship Stats- Hermia and Lysander–lysander.html

Humanities Infographic

This infographic shows how Humanism developed in the Renaissance and what inventions that helped to make it happen. The Renaissance was an important time that led to today. Without the Renaissance, people will still be stuck with old ideas, and we will remain unequal.

CER Paragraph Practice

In “Darkstalker”, I believe that Indigo is one of the smartest characters in the book. It was shown multiple times in the book, for example, when Fathom was about to drink into the globe, she smashed it, saying: “It was definitely enchanted, I saw the look on his face when you were about to drink it!” (Sutherland, 168). this quote shows that he knew Darkstalker enchanted the globe to do something to Fathom, and shows her cleverness in the book. She was also shown to be smart when she realizes Darkstalker can be a threat to Fathom. “He’s too dangerous!” she cried, “it would be better if I were to kill him right here, on the spot.” (125). This shows that Indigo almost immediately realizes that Darkstalker is untrustworthy. Based on evidence above, I believe that Indigo is the smartest characters in the book “Darkstalker” because she is observant, caring to her loved ones and will protect them with all her might.

The Last Kiss Found Poem

This is my found poem. i circled some words to make up a short poem. it is mainly about external conflict between the main character and their parents, a short version of “The Last Kiss”.



My mother; goodnight kiss meant a great big hug. My father; goodnight kisses were more formal, but that was all right. Formality was what I wanted. His male scent made a satisfying contrast with mother’s cheek. This arrangement lasted through kindergarden, first grade, and second grade. One night i went to kiss my mother goodnight. She kissed and hugged me. Next i went to find my father. He glanced at me when i approached. I watched him for several minutes. “I’m going to bed, Dad,” “Well, good night, then,” I was stunned. I decide not to ask again. Next night i decided to try again. It was nearly 8:30. I approached him noisily, clearing my throat, shuffling my feet. “It’s bed time,” I murmured. He stood, turned to me, reached forward to my arm; squeezed my shoulder. “Good night, then,” he said, turning away. I was eight years old. The thought my mind held clearly recognize as loss. It took several more awkward tries, before this truth sunk in. I was too old. I wonder if I might not one day lose her kisses, as well.

Drama Summative Project

This is my Drama Summative Project. it is about how I did our drama warm-ups in various locations. I chose to do 7 main exercises: stretch-release, stretch-collapse, shake, number shake, pinch-explode (face and full body), and run-freeze.

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