Hopeful and Hopeless at the Same Time- French Revolution

My fictional character, Gabriel is the guy who lived before and during the French Revolution as a peasant(the third estate). He encountered a lot of different problems during the revolution like the change of leader. Here is the journal for all his concerns and hopes! :

By learning french revolutions, I noticed that a lot of change and continuity is existing. For changes, the monarchy country changes as a republic country as well as the feudalism, how society structured change. The things that continue are the dictator, no one knows the sweetness of power until they own it. Also, the size of France continues.

The First Movement of Republic

This video is French Revolution plain in English. ISB Grade 8-8 Annie B and Kelly Y created and edited this video. This video is talking about the Key events in French Revolution from 1789 to 1793.

The Common thing that I found studying revolution s that the leading figure who revolted against the current enemy will be the opponent of the people who worked together with them to fight. Also, the controller of the country or city will do everything that can keep his power stable even if that everything contains violence. But they will lose their power eventually.

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Why is the Courage important to Survive?


 Lost in the Antarctic” by Tod Olson is a book about the journey of Endurance (Ship name) and crews to the Antarctic. The trip was not as good as the crews thought. They accidentally stuck in the Antarctic and find a way to survive in the isolated land with frigid weather. I think the theme of this book is “Courage is critical to human survival”. The book keeps showing a lot of conflict with the weather, environment, and circumstance that they have to face and how the crews overcome it with hope and courage. 

 The reason why we should read this book is that this book gave you a message of a hard time has a place to escape. Everyone would have a hard time in their life; it would feel like this journey is not as hard as we thought but the thing is that there is always a way to escape any circumstance. As long as we are hopeful and active, we can overcome any occasion. This reminds us of the theme and nowadays. It is a hard time for all mankind to deal with Covid-19 time, but still, there are some hopes around us. For another reason, the story includes a lot of pictures and maps to help us understand who he is or what’s going on with the story. Some pictures of the animal which lived in the Antarctic, the ship, and some people. 

 One thing that I learned by reading this literary non-fiction is that there is a lot of stories, places, and creatures that are hidden, and we don’t know and how gigantic the Earth is. Human wants to find that as fast as they can. Sometimes, it works well with luck but on the other hand, it requires a lot of time wasted to discover even though the result doesn’t satisfy them. 

Patriotism or Betrayal

The boxers, really proud of their own country and culture, started to be angry with the power of China that foreigners took. Chinese started to starve because of floods and drought. But what about foreigners? At least they didn’t starve due to exploitation. Western countries were getting so many things and land in China. Finally, the Chinese reached the limit that they can face. That would be the major cause of the Boxer Rebellion in 1898-1900.

Due to foreigner’s plunder and how the Chinese reacted, I claim Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation.

On the 5th of June 1900,  the boxer cut every connection of Beijing. For example, they banned the railway from Tianjin to Beijing and the telegraph lines as well. This was the way for them to cut off transportation from Beijing to another place in China, the world. Also, showed their try to anti-foreign. This became a cause of building Post office at French legation. This demonstrates their firm will to this occasion that they have made.

German minister Clemens von Ketteler ordered a suspected Boxer execution on the 14th of June 1900. This made Chinese people’s anger up to the limit. From this place, they truly started to crash the church and foreign properties in Beijing. Started from this Kettrler’s Country; German legation to another foreign legation as well. But as we cannot find the word related to cruel, brutal, and savage. This means the boxers did not kill people like what foreign countries used to do. There was another case (kill Clemens von Ketteler) but no one else.

The French and Austrian were the only nation who didn’t move to the British legation. Since the British armies started an opium war and forced the Chinese to free trade with the western country, they were the most powerful nation in China. Therefore, most of the western nations came to the British legation to hide from Chinese troops and the boxers, but not include French and Austrian. Consequently, Chinese troops and the boxers detonate a mine to force them out of their legation to go to the British legation. The British people for Chinese is the one who destructed the normal life on the majority of a Chinese citizen. Chinese might want the British to have the same pain as they had in past years.

My conclusion is that the boxer is just wanted to return everything that happened after China opened up a lot of ports to trade with other nations because they love their own country and culture. Again, I think the boxer does not deserve a bad reputation. They did what they could do at that time. Thank you for reading

How Unrequited Love Make Person’s Characteristic

-The Characterization Magazine


How Unrequited Love Make Person’s Characteristic

Annie Bae

Shakespeare usually used his wonderful writing skills to describe the character’s personality and his play is all popular due to that amazing writing skill. Among them, his ability to make a love connection was outstanding. Even we can’t describe his plays and sonnets without love. And specifically, in “Midnight Summer’s Dream”, he wrote a play full of love by using a love triangle(rectangle maybe?). In that love rectangle, there is an unrequited lover called, Helena. In this writing, I only talked about Helena(some characters will appear here to describe Helena) so, if you want to see more character and story, go here to look summary and go HERE to check Shakespeare’s biography.

According to the story, “Midnight Summer’s Dream”, Shakespeare, Helena is diffident, jealous, and indecisive

The word “Jealous” means feeling envy of someone. To show her envy “ Demetrius loves your fair: O happy fair.” (Shakespeare 182). This sentence shows Helena feels envy for Hermia. For helping understand, Demetrius used to like Helena until he met Hermia. So, Won’t Helena feel envy for her? Because of Hermia’s beauty, Helena thinks Demetrius falls in love to Hermia. I have no more words to describe but jealous and envy.

A person who is indecisive is a person who has a hard time making a decision. We can see Helena is indecisive when she located between love and friendship “I will go tell him(Demetrius) of fair Hermia’s flight: Then to the wood will he to-morrow night. Pursue her; and for this intelligence If I have thanks, it is a dear expense: But herein mean I to enrich my pain, To have his sight thither and back again.” (Shakespeare 246-251).

It just means Helena has a hard time to decide between that friendship and love. It shows that Helena wants to keep every relationship that she has. Also, she doesn’t want to break it.

Lastly, diffident. The meaning of diffident is not confident. In-text, Helena has no confidence about her beauty(looking) “ Call you me fair? That fair again unsay.” (Shakespeare, 181). Before she said, Hermia was saying that greeting her and asking, “how are you?” to Helena using the word “fair(beautiful)”. Hermia was only asking to feel of her today, but Helena reacts differently with a loud voice but diffident feeling.

To organize Helena’s characteristics, She is shy, envious, and inconclusive. I highly recommend this play to everyone. Shakespeare’s fancy writing skills will attract your eyes. Hope you have time to read, Thank you for reading this long paragraph


How An Idle Girl Turns Into An Industrious Girl

The book that I’m reading is called “The Girl Who Would Not Work” by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey. You can find more information about the author HERE.

– the photo of a little playing child.


This is a brief story about the book that I read; Once upon a time, there was a girl, little, lazy, and idle, loved to play with nature all day. One day, she went outside to play with other creatures but on that day, everyone was busy. She was the only one who didn’t do any work. She surprised about it and decided to have some work to do. The girl is now industrious.

The author of the story, “The Girl Who Would Not Work”, Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, believes that responsibility and contribution by everyone often enhance society.

The main girl character always went outside to play, not to work “Oh mother, I do not like to work. Please let me go outside and just play.” (Bailey 1). This shows one child’s laziness about the work. Also, show how idle she is. As little children usually do, she looks like she doesn’t want to have work to do. It supports the quote with its opposite situation; Do not take responsibility and contribution by everyone often make undeveloped society. I also can infer that her mother is worried about her future. In the quote, the girl mentioned her mother at the first of her saying.

As the character develops in the story, her thoughts and her motions slowly changed by the behavior of the creature that she met, the squirrels and the bees and the ants and the pink clover.

Her mind eventually changed after she met the creature and came back home. “Mother, the squirrels, and the bees and the ants and the pink clover all work. I am the only idle one. I want some works to do.” (Bailey 2). By motivated by the creature; the squirrels and the bees and the ants and the pink clover, she learns how to take responsibility, and how to be a part of society which is my claim. Even though it takes a lot or more times to do that, however, you should take responsibility for your working

Just an interesting part of this book, the girl character was trying to play with other creatures. She watched the ants that bring big crumb of bread and said, “Drop it, and come and play with me!” (Bailey 1). If she was an antagonist, then this sentence is maybe the sentence to attracting people to bad ways.

So, this book is talking about us taking responsibility for what you have to. More information about the story is on HERE

Thank you for reading

Annie Bae G8 30.09.2020

The Last Kiss – want but can’t stay young forever 

The Last Kiss – want but can’t stay young forever 


By Ralph Fletcher

This Found Poem is about the story called “The Last Kiss “by Ralph Fletcher. You can find more information about the author on hereSo, a conflict about this story is external conflict, character vs. character. As you can see on my Found Poem, there are some words that shows the conflict of this story and some settings. The narrator had the conflict with his dad. There are other conflicts in this story, but I’ll focus on the conflict I chose.


So, the narrator was always be given kissed by his parents until he got into the 2nd grade. The story describes his second grade as an intrinsic part of his childhood which means one part of his lifetime that he had to experience. We can guess that something happened or changed on his second grade. 


One night, his mother gave him kiss and hug as usual, but his father didn’t. His father gave him a kind of half-smile, half-sigh which was weird to him, also weird to the narrator. It was peculiar time for all of them. We can infer that for the narrator, good night kiss from his father was daily routine for him before he went to bed. Half- smile, half-sigh means his father still love him, not just wanted him to be disappear. But his father needs to make him to be grown up, the narrator can’t be always young.


I think the theme of this story is “want but can’t stay young forever” which means you can’t always rely on your parents. Your parents are working and sometimes, they are busy. You need to be independent, grow up more.


Furthermore, you can find the whole story on HERE.

Thanks for reading


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