I have made many versions and selected different styles and methods. In the first, I chose to use a large number of highlights and relatively bright colors. In the second, I chose a more Chinese style, a brush similar to a brush, black and white colors, and ink painting.

My final work:

This time I use procreate, which is a familiar app for me, but the new theme and content let me also find many problems with myself. For example, my imagination and conception ability is not very strong. I don’t have many ideas. I can only rely on some accumulation, and I can’t control the color selection well.

Graphic Design-“Element of Pattern”

What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

My theme is “Pattern”. I think my work also well interprets this theme. I use different shapes. This work is composed of many graphics of different sizes. I use different graphics. These graphics have different sizes, colors, and positions. In order to highlight my theme, I did not choose a euphemistic way of explaining, But it is intuitively displayed in the works.


What is this design task all about?

In this unit, everyone will get different themes and present different works. They are unique. Every one’s works are closely related to their themes

Why did you design your illustration this way?

I use different colors and patterns, which is just in line with my theme. I add a lot of my own ideas and designs


My design process

Check out resources for inspiration

Do some exercises

Identify my design ideas

Select color

Select drawing

Add details and highlight my theme

Check screen



and use a lot of knowledge learned in class




“Paper tiger” plays a very important understanding in the text. For Jack as a child, it may only be a toy given to him by his mother, but because he is Chinese, others call him “Chinaman”. They laugh at him that he can’t speak Chinese, that he is Chinese, and that the Chinese are dirty. The paper tiger may become the best memory of his childhood, However, as he grew older, he also cared more and more about the evaluation and voice of the outside world. Because he was Chinese, he began to hate his mother. He hated Chinese. The love only belonging to their mother and son was gradually weakened, and the paper tiger disappeared. He didn’t regret it until his mother died of illness more than ten years later. He didn’t regret it until he saw the box containing his childhood paper tiger. Is it just origami? No, this is all the love his mother can give him. In the United States at that time, the Chinese were discriminated against and despised, which also covered a black veil for his childhood, but his mother’s paper tiger may be a bright lamp in the dark

American Revolution–The War for Freedom

This is an American revolution video was made by Reagan, Chelsea, Sayi, and me. The American Revolution video tells how the United States got rid of the British colony and regained its freedom. At that time, Britain forces the Americans to pay a lot of taxes, In addition, the income of the Americans was not high at that time. . After so many years of torture, the Americans finally couldn’t bear to resist. The whole war lasted for many years, and finally, the United States became free.

“LOST”–A Book You Should Read

This book is adapted from a true story, and these people set out to the Antarctic expedition in 1914, but the accident happened, their ship was broken, they don’t have enough food, the weather is too cold, they’re desperate, but they insist on down, and they work together finally survived, although they did not cross the Antarctic, they are still very brave, I think this book is very good but a little boring for me, because I don’t like to read the non-fiction, I prefer to read the fiction books. I think this book is suitable for the people who like science and the Antarctic the person you like to read, I learned a lot from this book, it tells us that You should work with other people persevere, never give up, and have the courage to explore.

Siege of the Legation Quarter

Personally, I think the Boxers did not deserved a bad reputation.
I understand the boxers did something unspeakable to the foreigners in general. However, they did this against a background where foreign armies were invading China. If a country is invaded by other countries and it’s should resist
The motivation of Boxers is just wanted to protect their own country and some cultural traditions. After the Opium War, more foreigners entered China. They passed on their ideas and traditions to the Chinese. The original Chinese traditional culture was being destroyed.
When other countries’ armies arrived in Beijing, the emperor and empress fled to Hebei, and foreign armies began to attack Beijing. They hated the Boxers because it was their enemy. The members of the Boxer at that time took off their special costumes and became like normal people. Foreign armies don’t know who the Boxers were. They shot innocent people on the street and killed many Chinese, but many of them were just innocent people. In 1900 they (Boxers) swept into Peking, murdered the German and Japanese ministers, and besieged the foreign legations, this also made China compensate a lot of money. The original intention of the boxer group was to protect the country, but the method was not appropriate. We can think of different places. If foreigners build churches in China, then if the Chinese build temples in other countries and let foreigners join Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism? I think the boxers should not use killing to resist the church, but we both should think in other places.
It’s a very confusing time There is a great amount of mistrust and resentment between Chinese and foreigners, so sometimes, some innocent foreigners were killed as scapegoats. China doesn’t want the ideas of other countries to affect people in China, cut the railways, and stop all communication with other countries and cities. All they do are to protect their country, although sometimes the methods and processes are not so friendly, there is really nothing wrong with the intention.

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