Wearable Product–VR Glasses

  • Presentation


  • Explanation


  • Ideas


  • Brainstorming

I drew some drafts before making the model, which is my first idea of my work. Different glasses model drafts provide me with different model ideas

Simulate the situation when people wear glasses

Glasses model drafts from different angles

Whole view of the draft

  • Other Ideas

Another idea of mine is to choose a relatively simple glasses structure, whose function is to translate documents and deal with sound.

Structure of some glasses Parts

Overall, the glasses are more portable, but their functionality is not as good as the first one.

  • Final Decision

Finally, I chose the first one as my product this time, because it has strong functionality and is also very suitable for today’s young people. It not only has a sense of science and technology, but also is very comfortable.

  • Questions Feedback

Q: What is the function of this glasses?

A: This glasses can allow people to briefly enter the virtual world, use scientific and technological means to link and create the virtual world, map and interact with the real world, and have a digital living space of a new social system. You can design, play games, socialize and even live in it.

Q: How to realize this idea?

A: 1. Staggered display
2. Picture exchange
3. Parallax fusion

Principle of VR glasses

The most important configuration of VR glasses is two lenses. The lens surface is designed with flat convex (aspherical), biconvex and concave convex effects, with thin edge and thick center. The convex lens can correct the light source angle of the lens and cause the human eye to read again, so as to increase the viewing angle, enlarge the picture and enhance the three-dimensional sense, so as to make people feel immersive.

Display technology is the core of VR glasses. Display technology includes staggered display, picture exchange and parallax fusion.

Q: How does it affect nowadays human society?

A: It will have five important impacts on social development: first, further improve social production efficiency in technological innovation and cooperation; Second, it has spawned a series of new technologies, new business forms and new models to promote the reform of traditional industries; Third, promote the cross-border derivation of cultural and creative industries and greatly stimulate information consumption; Fourth, reconstruct the way of work and life, a lot of work and life will take place in the virtual world; Fifth, promote the construction of smart city application scenarios and innovate social governance models.


  • Model

I can’t continue to complete my model because I can’t return to school due to the covid, but I drew my model in details. I hope this can also make everyone better understand my work.

Material (For real): an organic material with a polymer chain structure inside, which is connected to form a three-dimensional network structure.

Texture: light in texture, its weight is only half of that of ordinary glass lenses; Strong impact resistance; Low thermal conductivity; Although it has been used for a long time, the surface of the lens is not easy to crack.

If I make simple model in school, I will choose to use plastic or 3D- printing.

I would choose to use a material similar to cotton as my back bandage, because if I use rubber, many female users’ hair will be hurt.

  • Technical and design skills:

In this unit, I learned many new design app, but I still only know little about these software. In the future courses, I hope I can continue to explore those new app and more design skills.

  • Reflection

I still need to improve my time management. Because I don’t know how to use those design app,  and I waste a lot of time to learn and using it, so the model is not finished.

I think this idea will be realized in the future. I hope this product can be applied to each of us in the future life to make our life more convenient and good.

Pavilion Design


  • A summerhouse or other decorative building used as a shelter in a park or large-garden.
  • A  usually highly decorated projecting subdivision of a building.

Some sources of inspiration (Padlet)


Brainstorming&Daily Creation 


3D Model

I chose to use toothpick and hot melt glue as the main materials of my model

. At the beginning, I made a house similar to a chicken nest, but after thinking, I think this building is not suitable to be placed in ISB or as my final work (because it is not strong enough, it is easy to break).

After some searching in the later stage, I saw many architects’ design works, which also inspired me. I chose to design my second work as a double-layer building.

The uneven roof is full of design sense, and several toothpicks pieced together to form a building frame. Therefore, I chose to make it very abstract because then the model and my drawing will all be very flexible to change some details.

First Design:

Second Design:


Q: What is the purpose of this building?

A: This is an art gallery&rest area for all ISB students (Also teachers and workers).

Q: Can the sun shine get into the building?

A: Yes, I designed a lot of ventilation places. The main material of the building is glass, so the sun can shine in.

Q: What can students do inside?

A: Students can enjoy the artworks of their classmate, also they can chat and eat snacks in it, or sit in it to discuss group activities, study…

What did I learned from this project

  • When I chose not to use the first model and redesign it, I learned that we should not be afraid to try new designs and ideas, but also have a clear plan for our works, which will reduce the probability of failure
  • When I started drawing, I found that we should not only consider the appearance of the building, but also consider its functionality and use



Science Blog–4


My work is a “perpetual motion machine”. The reason why I choose to make this is that I want to know whether the perpetual motion machine can really be made. I choose to use magnetic force to promote the operation of the stick, so as to convert it into electric energy then to light the bulb. Although the service life of the magnet is only 400 years, strictly speaking, it does not belong to the perpetual motion machine, but it is already a perpetual motion machine for our students. My original intention of this project is to hope that we can use magnetic force or other items to generate electricity instead of coal and natural gas, so as to greatly reduce the damage to the environment. However, there is no perpetual motion machine in the nowadays world , and the teaching videos and those “professional essay” on the Internet are also fake. I tried various methods — putting the position of the magnet again, changing the direction of the magnet, trying to solve the problem that the magnet is magnetized, and increasing the number of magnets, but these are useless because the perpetual motion machine violates the law of conservation of energy, Perpetual motion machine refers to a machine that can move continuously and do external work without inputting any heat source and energy from the outside, and a machine that can do external work forever without consuming energy. Obviously, this is impossible now.

Logo Design Blog Post

My project is to design a logo that about education

my logo is about education. I chose astronaut as my main element because I think the astronaut represents the dream and the future. When he is in space, he is more like the brightest star. My text is very simple. “Dream,” I think everyone should have a dream. This is the first step to success. I put the cartoon astronaut in the middle instead of A. I chose to use black as the main color because I think it can highlight the logo. He can be clearly seen on any object.

A good logo design should be:



Creat by ourselves

Related to the main ideas or theme (for example mine is educational, so I have to make my logo fit for my main idea)




My inspiration comes from the three Chinese astronauts in the universe now. We can compare our dreams to stars, and they are the people closest to the stars. Astronauts are my dream since childhood.

I think my logo can be printed on a school bag, a paper bag, or a notebook

Before, I also thought about using other people or things to replace astronauts to represent dreams. Finally, I decided to use astronauts

At first, I wanted to use more realistic astronauts as my logo, but after consideration, I think the abstract is more suitable for the design of the logo.


Ideas: https://padlet.com/annieqiu1/1465if9ycwaq61y8

Panda Book Logo

I designed the panda Book logo. I chose to use procreate as my main painting software. I used procreate’s own brush, which is similar to the ink brush texture of Chinese traditional painting. Because pandas are China’s national treasures, I chose to use brushes with Chinese style and tradition. I didn’t use too many colors. I only used black and light green. When designing the first logo, I thought for a long time about how to combine pandas with books. Finally, I decided to draw the shape of a panda holding a book. I didn’t add many details but chose a more abstract way. Before that, I also referred to many other people’s paintings and some materials for logo design. When designing the second one, I still chose to use black and white but made an extension of thought and meaning on the basis of the first one.



I have made many versions and selected different styles and methods. In the first, I chose to use a large number of highlights and relatively bright colors. In the second, I chose a more Chinese style, a brush similar to a brush, black and white colors, and ink painting.

My final work:

This time I use procreate, which is a familiar app for me, but the new theme and content let me also find many problems with myself. For example, my imagination and conception ability is not very strong. I don’t have many ideas. I can only rely on some accumulation, and I can’t control the color selection well.

Graphic Design-“Element of Pattern”

What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

My theme is “Pattern”. I think my work also well interprets this theme. I use different shapes. This work is composed of many graphics of different sizes. I use different graphics. These graphics have different sizes, colors, and positions. In order to highlight my theme, I did not choose a euphemistic way of explaining, But it is intuitively displayed in the works.


What is this design task all about?

In this unit, everyone will get different themes and present different works. They are unique. Every one’s works are closely related to their themes

Why did you design your illustration this way?

I use different colors and patterns, which is just in line with my theme. I add a lot of my own ideas and designs


My design process

Check out resources for inspiration

Do some exercises

Identify my design ideas

Select color

Select drawing

Add details and highlight my theme

Check screen



and use a lot of knowledge learned in class



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