Banning single-use plastic can save the sea animals’ life. Every year 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die from plastic pollution. the animals like the sea turtles, whales sea lions… already endangered. For example every year, over 1,000 sea turtles are killed by plastic waste in the ocean, this is because the turtles mistake the plastic of food. If ew still didn’t ban the single-use plastic the all the sea animals will die, the only thing in the ocean is plastic.

Banning single-use plastic can also save our lives. Some plastics become smaller and smaller after being break to a lot of tiny pieces by some hard things, that means turning into plastic particles, Some small fish only eat plankton. Many times they eat not plankton but plastic particles. Big fish eat small fish. We eat big fish. This is equivalent to eating plastic particles. If plastic particles enter my body, This is bad for our body, because it may block our blood vessels, and maybe we will die.

The government is hard to control the single-use plastic use. Plastic is everywhere in the city, but the government’s people are not everywhere so they don’t know if their still have people use plastic. In 2017 just china’s waimai and it used over 730 million, single-use plastic because now people are busy and lazy so they just order the food online, that why the governments are hard to control the single-use plastic.