Mother’s love for us cannot be questioned. No matter when she always thinks of her children, even she is nearly dying, even her son wants to kill her, but she still thinks of her children.


In this story for some reason, his son could no longer take care of his elderly mother, so he decided to carry his mother on the mountain and kill her. Although he was sad, he went up the mountain. When they reached the top of the mountain, he found out that his How much mother loves him


In the story “The Aged Mother”, by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that Mother’s love is selfless, the paragraph that supports my claim is “The trembling mother’s voice was full of unselfish love as she gave her last injunction. “Let not thine eyes be blinded, my son.” She said. “The mountain road is full of dangers. LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down”” (Paragraph 6 Basho).


“Her son did not know the mountain’s many paths and his return might be one of danger, so she stretched forth her hand and snapping the twigs from bushes as they passed, she quietly dropped a handful every few steps of the way so that as they climbed, the narrow path behind them was dotted at frequent intervals with tiny piles of twigs.”(Paragraph 4 Basho).


These two paragraphs were good interpretations of the main idea of ​​the story. In this paragraph, although the mother knows that her son wants to kill her, she still thinks of her son. She is afraid that the road will be too difficult to walk and get lost. She picked a lot of twigs. Every time his son took a step, she threw a twig down so that her son would not get lost. Her mother still thought of her son before she died. This love is selfless, is unquestionable, although our parents are sometimes strict, they love us the most, we must understand them because they are thinking of us all the time, and willing to give everything for us.