“Paper tiger” plays a very important understanding in the text. For Jack as a child, it may only be a toy given to him by his mother, but because he is Chinese, others call him “Chinaman”. They laugh at him that he can’t speak Chinese, that he is Chinese, and that the Chinese are dirty. The paper tiger may become the best memory of his childhood, However, as he grew older, he also cared more and more about the evaluation and voice of the outside world. Because he was Chinese, he began to hate his mother. He hated Chinese. The love only belonging to their mother and son was gradually weakened, and the paper tiger disappeared. He didn’t regret it until his mother died of illness more than ten years later. He didn’t regret it until he saw the box containing his childhood paper tiger. Is it just origami? No, this is all the love his mother can give him. In the United States at that time, the Chinese were discriminated against and despised, which also covered a black veil for his childhood, but his mother’s paper tiger may be a bright lamp in the dark