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I have made many versions and selected different styles and methods. In the first, I chose to use a large number of highlights and relatively bright colors. In the second, I chose a more Chinese style, a brush similar to a brush, black and white colors, and ink painting.

My final work:

This time I use procreate, which is a familiar app for me, but the new theme and content let me also find many problems with myself. For example, my imagination and conception ability is not very strong. I don’t have many ideas. I can only rely on some accumulation, and I can’t control the color selection well.

Graphic Design-“Element of Pattern”

What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

My theme is “Pattern”. I think my work also well interprets this theme. I use different shapes. This work is composed of many graphics of different sizes. I use different graphics. These graphics have different sizes, colors, and positions. In order to highlight my theme, I did not choose a euphemistic way of explaining, But it is intuitively displayed in the works.


What is this design task all about?

In this unit, everyone will get different themes and present different works. They are unique. Every one’s works are closely related to their themes

Why did you design your illustration this way?

I use different colors and patterns, which is just in line with my theme. I add a lot of my own ideas and designs


My design process

Check out resources for inspiration

Do some exercises

Identify my design ideas

Select color

Select drawing

Add details and highlight my theme

Check screen



and use a lot of knowledge learned in class



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