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Pavillion project

For the Pavillion project, we were asked to design a pavilion placed on ISB, having a targeted audience of ISB students. We first inquired into different designs and forms of the pavilion, practiced some modeling and creating skills, then designed our pavilion, making a 3D model, sketches, and a final poster. – link to inspiration padlet 

The fish tank that I researched inspired me the most, which was the main outstanding design for my product, having the pavilion roof as a fish tank.

Exercises did before project

Modeling practice:


Sketching & brainstorming exercises:


Sketches for Pavillion project:

Pavillion 3D model:

Feedback process:
Some feedback/questions from classmates

  • What is the purpose of the fence on the side?
  • Making the two sides of the Pavillion roof see though.
  • Making the body part of the Pavillion out of a special material
  • Having lights inside the roof part.

From the feedback that I got, I decided to make a few changes according to my pavillion, because some the feedback enabled me to  communicate my thoughts and purpose to the viewer better . Such as including the purpose and function of the fence on one side, making the two sides see-through. Unfortuntly, for some of the feedback, I did not get time to improve and aplly it to my project, such as having lights inside the fish tank.


Presentation poster & reflection: 

  1. In what ways is your Pavilion successful? 

My Pavillion is successful though it achieves the purpose and meaning. The Pavillion has created a relaxing place for people through multiple methods and techniques.

  1. Who is your audience, and what effect do you hope to have on them? How will they feel when they experience your Pavilion? 

My targeted audience will be all ISB students. The purpose of my Pavilion is a place for people to relax, relieved from daily stresses. And this is done my all the unique designs of the Pavilion (more specific detail on the poster below). The Pavilion will be placed in the space outside the swimming pool, connecting to the bus area, so after school, when students go home, they could walk through the Pavilion and relieve their stresses.

  1. What was successful about your design process? 

I successfully built the 3D model because I generated several ideas during production, bringing more meaning and purpose to the viewer. One change that I made during the making process is to have fences on the could side of the Pavilion, creating the sense of how all the stress from students’ daily lives are all trapped in the Pavilion to relieve their stress, which was not in my original plan. 

  1. How could you improve your process and/or product in the future? 

I could be more specific in the material chosen during the making process, using materials that show the Pavilion’s texture and feeling, showing more details on the model. I could also improve better by having some perspectives towards the Pavilion, a fist person view, which makes the viewer better understand. 

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  1. Hi Annie,
    Well done for completing this project successfully! You have put together an impressive design, and your reflection and documentation are especially good. The way you have used your model in the presentation is great, especially the interior shots. As you mentioned in your reflection, a way to “level up” your presentation would be to include a first-person view that shows your design within the ISB setting.

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