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Wearable project final poster+reflection

Final wearable project poster 





Overview of project

In this project, students each developed a chosen wearable product idea to a design concept, and by applying the usage of the design cycle, we each made a precise prototype/ model for our selected ideas. In this project, from precedents researched online, I constructed a design by combining multiple precedents to form a multifunctional communication hairband that benefits society.


Success criteria:

  • no environmental impact 
  • solves the design problem 
  • benefits society 
  • user enjoy product 
  • product positively impacts user 


Design problem


People are not willing/confutable to physically communicate within society and do not understand others’ emotions.

The problem that my design works to translate is the lack of communication people have within their society related to the significant quantity of time people spend online. In some cases, people are more active and connected with their community online, more confutable with sharing and talking. It can sometimes be hard for people in a new environment to express their emotions and feelings, leading to disconnections with the surrounding community and reducing people’s relationships. The problem also states that knowing what others think or feel is complicated when you don’t have the same experience and generates unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts. Sometimes we do not feel like talking, but people don’t understand us and keep interacting with us, creating uncomfortableness.


Target audience

The audiences that the communication hairband is targeted towards are those who:

  • lacks communication with the surrounding society physically
  • finds it complicated to understand other’s feelings
  • not knowing how to express feelings
  • not confutable in communicating physically
  • find it hard to reject others
  • spends lack of time with the physical community
  • want to communicate individually with another in public
  • lacks connection in society
  • wants to hear other’s opinions and ideas effectively


Function of design 

As indicated above in the poster, the designed hairband is multifunctional. The string cup telephones permit sounds to be transferred and individual conversations between people. The sound transmitted from the string cup telephone goes to the information transfer box connected to an earphone. The earphone attached to the information transfer box has all the functions of a standard earphone. As seen from the poster, there are symbols and a screen attached to the hairband; this allows the user to communicate directly with the surrounding; signs show the user’s feelings, and the screen shows the user’s ideas and thoughts. Like a normal hairband, the designed communication hairband can be used to hold hair away from the face and eye.


Made with Padlet


DP1: Apply design thinking practices to generate divergent ideas:


DP2: Develop selected ideas into design concepts, applying feedback and/or self-reflection to clearly justify your decisions:

The final design concept constructed is a combination of a variety of precedents from the research above. The communication hairband incorporates the precedents of string cup telephone and hairband while also adding symbols, screen, and earphones to enhance its function, bringing more benefits to the user and the community. The idea of a communication hairband is chosen because it sufficiently solves a long-lasting issue in our society (see definition of the problem above) and has a positive impact. The plan consists the wanted characteristics from the above idea generation sketches.

Some feedback for this design concept produced are to: 

  • include dimensions and measurement of each component 
  • be specific about the materials used  
  • having parts of the communication hairband functional 


CI1: Apply feedback to iterate and refine your design:

The above picture is feedback gained for the design concept/plan. I have considered and applied some of the feedback in my final model, having the string cup telephone functional and adding the dimensions and measurements of each part of the communication hairband to planning. I also gained feedback during the production of the communication hairband, having colors to show the contrasts between the functions of each section of the design, which I have involved in my final product.


CI2: Demonstrate growth in technical and design skills


I have improved my planning, modeling, and designing skills through this wearable project contrasting with the Pavillion project before. As shown in my previous pavilion blog post, there is a limited ideation process leading to Pavillion’s fixed design and limited function. In this wearable project, I have researched various areas for precedents, and I drew sketches of each design concept with a brief explanation leading to my final constructed product, a combination, and improvement of precedents. The outcome of this wearable project better solves the stated problem and impacts society. In this wearable project, not only have I considered solving the problem, but I have also included various designs that improve the users’ experience during the usage of the product, such as applying the non-slip method to the cup and hairband coloring sections the hairband to create contrast. During the production of the communication hairband, multiple textures and materials have been used (fabric, wood, plastic, strings, etc.), whereas, in the Pavillion project, a narrow range of materials is applied (wood, cotton).



RS1: Document the design process, share your product & learning with others:

Idea generation:





Final product:

How the produced design responds to the design problem:

The communication hairband effectively solves the design problem by the characteristics below. A hairband is a daily used object, suggesting that users will assumably use the design in their daily lives. The designed communication hairband links the user with the community around. The string cup telephone helps transfer sounds from one cup to another and encourages individual conversations. The sound from the string cup telephone will also be transmitted to the information box connecting to a standard earphone, allowing the user to hear the message being transferred. As the indicated communication hairband is multifunctional, there will also be symbols and emojis that the user can attach to the hairband, physically and directly displaying their emotions. People in the surrounding community better understand the situation, permitting more communication. A screen, shown as green in the picture above, functions as offering the user’s thoughts and ideas to the surroundings and enables users to communicate in a diverse way when not feeling like talking. The non-slip design applied to both the cups and the hairband, coloring on each part of the hairband gives the user an enjoyable experience. The unique texture combination in the communication hairband attracts audiences.


RS2: Using the success criteria, explain the strengths & weaknesses of the process & product, including the impact of the design on the audience and environment:


The designed communication hairband does not have any consequence on the environment. The product can be multi-used, meaning it can bring long-term benefits to the user and the community. The communication hairband’s model is chosen to be made out of materials such as cardboard and paper cups which are all recyclable. The design can significantly influence the user and effectively solve the design problem of “People are not willing/confutable to physically communicate within society and do not understand others’ emotions.” All the communication hairband characteristics achieve the above (see “How the produced design responds to the design problem”). The communication hair band allows the user to be connected with the surrounding community, showing the user’s emotions and feelings and opinions through the screen and symbols attached to the hairband, allowing understanding from society, encouraging connections to be made (when people are feeling the same). The string cup telephone prompts physical conversations between the user and the surrounding environment. 


During the communication hairband procedure, I successfully constructed an excellent quality and detailed design model, having most of its parts functional. I have applied several textures to the design during the making process, making it unique. Some design weaknesses would be that the screen made can not be stably secured to the hairband, caused by the lack of space it has on its base. Because of the pandemic, I could not take a picture of me wearing the product and showing each of its functions, but at last, I have drawn a few sample pictures of how it is like to be worn. 


The final product successfully responded to the design problem and achieved the success criteria and purpose, which is the primary goal of my design. Adding on to the above, I have also added procedures to the communication hairband to improve user experience. The final product’s weakness would be that the earphones attached to the information box were not exhibited obviously. Overall the communication hairband was successful!!! 



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  1. Hi Annie, congratulations for an amazing project! You have done so much wonderful design work, I LOVE your colorful sketches! Your modeling is effective – although I wish I could see photo and video examples of user testing – this would have been a lot of fun! I wonder what future iterations of your design could look like – I think my overall favorite concept is one of your sketches of the colorful ring concept. Thank you for all of your wonderful work for this project!

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