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Visualizing data (shelter project version 3)

Visualizing data (PPT) Annie Zhang

Visualizing the data from the previous research about the compelling question, supporting question of shelter project version 3.

reflection of shelter design (first version)

In this design project, we made a shelter of our design. The shelter that I made was targeted at the people who live in places with heavy rainfalls and big winds, who has the problem of cleaning the leaves and rubbishes off the roof. At first, I sketched out three different ideas and then chose the most effective one to develop on. I have made a clear plan with a clear sketch of my shelter labeled with the size of each piece and some steps to build. My goals for next time would be that I need to include the impact of the design on the audience and the environment, having more design ideas with positives and negatives of each to choose from will allow me to have a better design, I also need to write a compelling question and a user story before I start so that I can have a clear plan to design and build.


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