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Blogpost #4: Reflect and Share

Explain how it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology  

The final product almost worked by showing the energy transfer from solar panels to electricity, which powers the motor. However, two wires disconnected because of the unstable soldering, so I had to hold them together. It was hard to keep it stable from how one connected to a motor, so the motor did not move at a constant speed.  


Explain the areas you were successful in the product/process  

I have developed various techniques such as wiring for the circuit and soldering through this engineering design project. Even though the first prototype did not work really well during the process, I have made it work successfully in the end. The final product turned out to be very well, it primarily works if I had the wire that connects to the motor connect better (not disconnecting at the end), it would then work perfectly. I was also successful in designing the outcome, which has looked good at the end. Having a magnet under the box to locate anything you want by sticking a magnet underneath improves the product’s function. 


Explain the areas you need to improve in the product/process 

Some areas that I still need improve on are organizing my time better and improving my skill of making the circuit. I did not plan my time well, which led to a rush at the end for the product. I have spent a considerable amount of time making the box that was unnecessary to spend that much time. During the process of making the circuit, I had several problems of connecting, finding out how each of the wires should be connected, the positive ones to negative. I still need to improve more on soldering the wires together more stable for the final product. Before the day of presenting, when I was combining the box with the circuit, two wires disconnected, so when presenting, I had to hold the two wires so that they touched each other, which was hard to keep stable since the motor is constantly moving fast. 


Explain the impact of this project on the environment and the potential client/consumer/audience.  

 Because I have changed a bit of the function of my designed product, looking at how there was no material for it, my targeted audience has changed, stated above. The final product is a box that you can put on your desk and during the day, it will generate solar power, which transfers into electricity through the circuit and then powers the motor. The speed of the motor will depend on how much solar power the panels are getting. The box has an open side, which allows the audience to study how energy transfer works. The final product also has a magnet underneath the box, with another note stand and a magnet attached, which improves the function. User can also stick a magnet under other product that fits in and locate it in the box. The energy transfer box allows the user to understand energy transfer while having a stand for notes or a place for other small products to be located. The outside of the box is made from recyclable materials, cardboard, and wooden sticks. Unfortunately, the circuit is not, but the energy that it transfers is recyclable.  


Blogpost #3: Create and Improve

Day 2:

because of that the solar pannles are too big, i had to make a box rather than a rounded shaped ones, which have effected my targeted audience.

new targeted audience:

  • people who have a desk for working
  • has windows,  have accesses to sunlight
  • wants to learn about energy transfer
  • needs an not stand/ stand for little toys

The final product will be turning out to be a note stand that shows energy transfer rather than an energy transfer toy.

Day 4:

making the circuit for the box. testing the circuit.

Day 5:

soldering all the wires together, checking again for the circuit, so that it works. Finally combining the box with the circuit.


Develop and Plan

What techniques will you need to learn/use? How will you learn this? 

  • Making the circuit of the toy, learning all about the energy transfer and how it works, connects together in a circuit. (Asking help from teachers who are available) 
  • Making/ printing a wooden box, modeling it on my laptop. (Help from the teachers in the design lab area) 


Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

The engerneering chanleenge is to create a design that transferes or converts energy by using recycleble materials. The final product from this engineering project should have an impact on a specific audience, have a purpose. The design should also be original.

What are you thinking about/interested in doing? (this should be multiple ideas/precedents)

Some ideas for the project:

  • Windpower toy that transfers wind energy
  • Solar power that transferes into electricity
  • Light bolb icluded

Final Idea:

Short duscription:

the toy designed will be hand sized, having a little wind turbine on one side so when the user gose out for a run it will genergarte energy which then will be transfered into electricity that allows the bear to move and the light bobe on his head to lit up. On the top surface of the product solar pannels will be added so even if you don’t run it can still produce an amount of energy once you are on the outside environment. Energy from the solar pannle will be stored so you cna also have the toy work at home if you got outside and  stored some energy. But the energy from the wind turbine will automatically transfere to electricity once it is working.

Embed images/links/videos of ideas you like/don’t like – comment on what you like or don’t like, and why.

Students Doing Awesome Things: Check out these Lamp Shade Designs for the Plumen 001 Bulb from Middlesex University – Core77    – like the way of how they use and shape the light bolbs in this website, different to the usual ones. But having to generate such a big lightbolb is a promblem for the toy.

Play Cat Jenga With This Wooden Stacking Game by Comma (  – I like how in this website they have cutted and shaped the wood to be a 3D cat, I might used the same stratigy for my bear on the top of the tor, (3D printing if possible). However the wooden cat in the website is still more like a 2D rather than a 3D modle.

Define the target audience/ problem/ audience needs you will address.

this product is designed for those who doesn’t spend much time in the outside environment, not having enough exercises. And also for those who would like to have a energy generating toy that includes them needing to be outside and run.
for people who have:
– bad wellbeing
-spends little time outsides
-have more fun outside
– experiments though 2 diverse kinds of enegy transfere

ANALYZE some of your ideas: What are the pros/cons about each idea? Think about this in the context of the constraints of the project, meeting the needs of the client/audience, etc.

The pros for the generated idea that I have, of energy tramsfere from wind/solar to electricity allows the user to experience two different kinds of energy transfere in one toy, solves the promblem of people who have bad wellbeing and spends lack of time outside, because the toy will only work if you are outside. The cons for my toy will be that it might not be able to support store a big about of energy, so the toy will only work during the energy transfere, not after.

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