By Ethan, Ryan and Anya An ostentatiously bearded cigar-addict against a dictator aided by one of the world’s most powerful countries… In the Cuban Revolution, we see leaders such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro rise to power after overthrowing the corrupt government and gradually detach from the United State’s influence. The revolutions we have studied have displayed that with […]

White People Are The Best, Actually™: Get your free trial of legal racism with mid 1800s laws!

“Unpunished Murder” is a book by Lawrence Goldstone detailing the journey for legal racial equality for African Americans after the Civil War, and also the Colfax Race Massacre and its aftermath. The book explores racism, discrimination, and the legal inequalities that were enforced by white men in powerful positions. One key theme of the book is that racism was unjustly […]

Basically, a lot of Chinese people were mad (but also wrong)

Due to their unjustified violence in the civilian rebellion of the early 19th century, the Boxers deserved to have a negative reputation. For instance, during the beginning of the rebellion, the Boxers demolished railway lines and post lines to isolate and eliminate the city or foreigners. Many civilians who were not politically involved were also harmed by this action, as they could not […]

My Mythbusters Covid 19 Project

For this project,  I made a ‘short’ (7 minutes long) video on the theory that the coronavirus is a bioweapon. Note: my voice sounds so weird in the video, hopefully, I don’t sound as annoying in real life? ( I cannot upload the video on here, the size is too large so I have inserted in my dx submission)   […]

Covid Mythbust Prototype

2 questions or wonders you have about your prototype: I wonder how long it will take me to draw out each individual scene I wonder how long it will take me to edit all the scenes with the voiceover 3 ways you hope to engage your audience occasional humour/sarcasm Pops of colour in scenes Lots of information