I am a daughter, a student, and a cat lover. I love ice cream, pizza, and French fries, but I don’t like breakfast foods. Walking into an air conditioned room when it’s hot outside makes me really happy, and winter makes me a bit sad. I love sunny weather and summer, and a couple of my favorite places to travel are Maui, Boston, Chengdu, and Seattle. My favorite color is turquoise. Some of my hobbies include art, taking pictures of my cat, and watching Netflix. I am an environmentalist, and I don’t eat meat (except for seafood because my parents make me although I hate seafood). I really hate the smell and taste of cilantro, and the sound of a mosquito buzzing near my ear is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I enjoy reading in my free time. I cannot whistle no matter how hard I try, but I tell myself that I will learn one day. I’m an animal lover, but I’ scared of bees (i know they won’t hurt me but they’re still scary). Don’t Label Me.