Many of my friends don’t know this, but I actually have a twin sister who I asked to take this photo with me.

Just kidding.

I drew some clouds in the background and upped the saturation in this recreation of a scene from Stranger Things 2:


I was wearing a scarf on my head and erased any unwanted fabric from the photo when editing. I’m also holding my cat Latte in my arms instead of a ferret.

I drew a unibrow and mustache on my face using mascara, and also inserted a photo of my baby kitten Magic on my right shoulder because I do not have have a baby gorilla.

・゚✧ Updated ✧・゚


For this recreation I drew a silly wig on my head and painted the background

Here, I tied a towel around my waist to make the dress, and made the umbrella green when editing the photo. I also got my cat to sit and pose as the figure on the left.

I worked really hard on recreating the painting the background in this painting, and I’m very satisfied with the end result.