I chose the title, font and layout because I wanted this cover to resemble Vogue magazine.

Hermia is a very brave and persistent person who refuses to give in to her father’s wishes for her to marry Demetrius, a man she doesn’t like, even if it means risking death to be with the love of her life, Lysander. She says she would rather become a nun and wither away than marry Demetrius: ”

This is very brave of her because talking back to fathers was very rare during the time, and going against their wishes was even more rare and looked down upon. Hermia refuses to compromise her morals because of her father’s ignorant demands. It shows her persistence because Theseus, Demetrius, and Egeus her father all want her to marry Demetrius, but she doesn’t give in. Hermia and Lysander decide to run away together, again showcasing her courage and bravery. She would be leaving behind all her friends and family and everything she’d ever known and live in the woods. By disobeying her father, she would also be risking death, because Egeus would rather have Hermia dead than have her be with Lysander.