The boxers deserve a bad reputation because they killed innocent people and did not achieve their end goal of driving all the foreigners out of China. They killed foreigners they saw out on the streets, as well as Chinese Christians or anyone they suspected was a Chinese Christian. This forced foreign missionaries and Chinese Christians to hide within their legations or churches, many of which the boxers burned down with people inside. Many missionaries, Chinese Christians, and legation guards died during the rebellion. They also started the Boxer war, which had China pit against 8 other countries and consequently caused China to lose 61 billion US in “reparation fees”. To an extent, the boxers were not only rebels, but also a vigilante group— a self-appointed group of citizens who decide to take the role of law enforcement within their community without any legal authority. They had the intent of driving out all the foreigners, who they didn’t agree with. However, their preferred method of achieving this goal was murdering people. Killing people (unless it’s for self-defense) is simply put, immoral. There may have been an explanation as to why they decided to do it, but it still doesn’t justify the crime. It’s also true that foreign troops came into the city and inadvertently killed innocent civilians, but it does not undo the damage the boxers inflicted or make the murders they committed any less horrific.