My biggest success with this cranky contraption was the fact that I made it space-themed. I really like the stars on the contraption and also the styrofoam planets, one of which acts as a handle.

The biggest obstacle that I had to overcome was the fact that my wire and styrofoam weren’t cooperating. Most cranky contraptions have the wire sticking out of a thin piece of styrofoam, but I thought that looked a bit ugly so I wanted to hide the excess wire inside of the styrofoam. I cut up a large styrofoam ball and thought hiding it was just gonna be a matter of stuffing all the wire in, but I was wrong. I had to turn it a bunch and let the wire make a hole on the inside the styrofoam so that the contraption would work smoothly.  I had trouble keeping the wire and styrofoam together after that because the connection was too loose.

If I did this again, I would totally use some sort of adhesive to connect the styrofoam and wire together, so no time would be wasted trying to carefully putting it back together and then watching it all fall apart again.  Then I would have time to paint my astronaut cat and make it look more like an astronaut cat.