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American Revolution: Morgan Sawyer’s Journal

This is the journal of my character, Morgan, who was living in Massachusetts at the start of the American Revolution, and intending on joining the Continental Army. Through three journal entries spread across a period of nearly twenty years, my character tells the story of the American Revolution from her point of view. In the end, my character reflects on whether joining the Continental Army was worth it, and things changed and stayed the same after the revolution.

The American Revolution For Dummies

The American Revolution transformed a group of 13 British colonies in North America into an independent country. From rising tensions on both sides to the revolutionary war, this video is a quick recap of the American Revolution made for those who were not alive during the time. Although in the end, many argue that the American Revolution was not all that Revolutionary in its ideas, nevertheless, if the American Revolution did not happen, we’d be calling the United States “West Canada.”

Lisa and I collaborated pretty well on this assignment, dividing the work evenly. We mostly worked in-person as opposed to online, making the entire process more streamlined, and minimizing any technology issues, though we definitely had our fair share.

Unpunished Murder: Should you read it?

I read Unpunished Murder: Massacre at Colfax and the Quest for Justice by Lawrence Goldstone. The theme here is fighting for racial justice was and is the right thing to do. The book consists of mini-biographies of people working towards racial equality in the US during the 1800s, as well as the opposition they were met with. They faced so many challenges and dead ends when it came to their fight for justice. You should read this book because it is incredibly eye-opening, and taught me a lot about the history of racism. Understanding the full history of racism in the US can help us understand the racism we see now, so even though it’s history, it’s still incredibly relevant. That’s not to say it’s also an interesting book, and another thing I learned during this unit was the importance of taking good notes. They shouldn’t be a fact-for-fact copy of the book; just a collection of things that help you understand the book and the main idea better.

Humanism Infographic

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