Francois’s Journal During the French Revolution

This is a journal that I wrote during humanities. It’s about a third estate beggars personal experience during the french revolution. The three events that are in this Journal are(in chronological order):King Louis XVI’s death, the Reign of terror and Robespierre’s death. I also added personal conflict and some cause and effect to fill the rubric. Hope you enjoy reading this.


Bonus poem I created with Kwan:

The bloody blade against the light,

a reign of terror with pointless fights.

Piles and piles of bloody heads,

hundreds of thousands all end up dead.



The French Revolution: Did Anything Actually Change?

In 1789, the working class of France finally showed their rage and started the bloody and scandalous French Revolution.The working class, or otherwise called the Third Estate, had terrible rights and earned the least out of all the different Estates. This video is about the French revolution and all the different events that occurred within it.


How did our group work?

I think our group worked quite well and we were able to finish the video and script quite promptly. So in general we worked well together and had great ideas to put into our script.

“Trapped” the perfect book for everyone

The video above is about the theme of the book “Trapped” by Marc Aronson.This book is about 33 miners who were trapped more than 2000 feet under the San José mine.The theme of this book is “When you are stuck in a difficult situation, you need to keep calm and to work as a team so you don’t lose hope and can avoid fear”.One of the examples showing this theme is on page when the miners decide to group up and each take up a responsibility to help them survive.Another situation where the theme is shown is during the time the miners get a meeting and decide to become a democracy. This shows teamwork because they collaborate and make decisions together.

I definitely recommend reading this book because the way they save the miners is fascinating.There is lots of creative ideas and the different dramatic changes make the book extremely exciting. Another reason you should read this book is because there is lots of statistics and data which is included into the book so this book is not only interesting but also has lots of facts.



I have learnt lots of things during this unit and one of the things I have learnt is how crucial re-reading is. I find re-reading extremely helpful because I understand even more of the book and I get to take even better notes. I feel like this unit has impacted me a lots because I have learnt even better methods for note taking.

Design smell prototype

This is my smell detector prototype and it came out pretty much how i wanted it to.You can use this by first pushing the white button at the top which shoots out a liquid that can capture smells. Since it gets heavy it will drop down and slide to the popsicle sticks and go into the examiner.what the smell is will then show up on the black screen.There is also a string for you to hold if you want to.When the liquid runs out you can flip open the lid and refill it.

Boxers rebellion thinglink and CER

The Boxers do deserve a bad rap because they reeked harm and devastated places while killing thousands of people as well. The Boxer rebellion was created when a group of villagers decided to fight against the foreigners in their village. This caused more and more people to do this and soon this led to a large informal army called the Boxers. Some of the things they did were justified, one example was when they had a drought, and they were desperate for food. This made them believe that it was the foreigners fault and so that made them try to attack the foreigners.  However, they still did much more damage than benefits. Like how they killed and ambushed the foreigners, or even when they blew up churches and the French legation.

The Boxers have killed millions of innocent people by lots of methods, one of the ways was when they mined underneath the French legation and made it blow up. This scared the foreigners and made the ones hiding run away. So, they escaped with their family only to be tricked by the Shan Xi governor (who the Boxers influenced). He told the hiding foreigners they could hide at his house, but he had already planned out an ambush with the Boxers so that when they arrived, his house was already full of Boxers waiting to kill the foreigners and their family. Another example of the damage the Boxers have done is when they cut off communication which led to people all around losing faith and thinking that Beijing had perished. This had gigantic impacts and made people all around believe that their families were dead or gone which was excruciating to them.They even burned down churches and started rounding up any christians they saw. After finding as many christians they could, the Boxers immediately executed all of them and continued to burn down the churches.This caused lots of deaths and was completely dreadful.

Due to the fact the Boxers impacted lives of millions so severely in a bad way, they definitely deserve a bad rap. They killed the foreigners and their 9children without blinking an eye which is completely unscrupulous and cannot be justified. Furthermore, they even cut down communications which meant that people all around the world thought their closest family had died and that all of Beijing was massacred. All of these catastrophic impacts add up to show how much harm they have done which shows that they do deserve a bad reputation. This is especially because of all the killing (old and young) that they have done. So, because of all of this, the Boxers deserve a bad rap.The Boxer rebellion is also quite similar to the Tai-ping rebellion because both of the rebellions are fighting for what they feel like is right and the cause of the two rebellions are both because of peasants too. Nevertheless, there are still some differences between these two rebellions.

Hermia magazine

This is my Hermia magazine I did in humanities. Hermia is a character from A Midsummer night’s dream.A midsummer night’s dream is about Hermia a girl who wants to marry a man called Lysander but her dad is forcing her to marry Demetrius instead. Back in those days men got to choose who their daughters would marry and had lots of powers while the daughters just had to obey. So in the end Hermia ends up trying to escape with Lysander so she wont get punished but then Helena, who wants to marry Demetrius, tries to stop them because she wants to help Demetrius. If you want to know more about this please watch this video: .I decided to choose Emma Watson for my picture of the magazine because I think she is determined to fight for what she wants and has similar characteristics to Hermia. I feel like Emma Watson is what I imagine Hermia to be like from the description given by A midsummer night’s dream.