Drama Songologue

In this “Choose Your Own Drama Project” I choose to do a songologue of two songs mixed. I originally just choose Stay Home By Big and Rich. Then I noticed how short it was after I tweaked it. So, I decided to mash it up with Good Job by Alicia Keyes. Note that I mixed them up and tweaked some lyrics so its not COMPLETELY the same.

This does mean a lot to me though, because the front line workers during this time are under a lot of stress and put under high expectations. They really are the people that some of our lives do depend on currently. Right now they are working miracles and I really do think that is amazing. I also choose Stay Home because it really is important to stay home and take care of yourself and family to get through this time. I am quite happy with how it turned out in the end! It was a great challenge and fun project!

4 thoughts on “Drama Songologue

  1. Hey Bella! I loved how you remixed the song lyrics and changed it so it would match the current situation. Your facial expressions were amazing too!

  2. The song choice is very meaningful especially in this period of time. I loved watching it and it was very creative! It was very well performed!!

  3. I think this was a very creative performance with your props, you spoke clearly and at a smooth pace, and the message connects well to what many of us are facing in the world at the moment. Overall, a great performance 🙂

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