Fish Cheeks Found Poem



In the story Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan, the conflict is character vs society. This story is about a girl named Amy, not wanting to be embarrassed about her Chinese American culture in front of her crush. The text mentions that she sees her mother’s cooking as strange. In Paragraph 3 she says,” My mother had outdone herself in creating a strange menu.” She goes on to describe all the dishes in an unappealing way. She is very embarrassed about her family and culture, according to the text in paragraph 5, “Dinner threw me deeper into despair. “She goes on after that to say how Robert (her crush) and his family just waited for the food to be passed to them. Then her father burps and makes the minister belch, common for Chinese culture. She then claims she was, “Stunned into silence for the rest of the night.” Paragraph 6.  In my poem, I used words like “strange” and “stunned” to describe how she feels about her family and culture. I feel these are good word choices as they really emphasize the embarrassment the main character has about her culture. The pictures in my background clearly represent the conflict, because she is fighting with her culture (the American and Chinese flags), and angst about having her family represent her culture during dinner. I also just blurred out the background to really emphasize the words in my poem.  All in all, after her embarrassment of her family she learns the lesson of appreciating them and her culture in the end.

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