S H A P E- design principal


  • What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

I think elements and principals represent parts that make up a piece of design. They are actually in every piece of design you see you just may not be noticing them. For example, shape, is shown in basically any piece of design you see.

  • What is this design task all about?

In this task we were asked to create a custom graphic that represented our element/principal. We had different constraints such as not changing the template, text, or arrangement of anything except for the actual design.

  • Why did you design your illustration this way? (show evidence of your sketching, development, peer feedback & refinement)

I designed it as a heart because hearts are usually associated with a feeling of warmth and love. I also like how aesthetically appealing this visual of shape is. It shows that shape doesn’t have to be represented by a 2d square.


These are smaller versions of possible brainstorming ideas:

Final design IDEAS

Out of all six, I chose my two favorites to actually create. This decision was also found by a very helpful feedback session where you can see my notes on in black on the document. My parter really helped me cross out ideas from another persons perspective.

At this point I had chose out of my final two designs. This is when my design was not complete, it was sketchy and unrounded. As well as being uncentered.

I revised it to smooth the heart out and I tried to center it as much as possible.

This is my final poster!

I have never used Affinity, so that was definitely a challenge I had to face. I had to figure out how to use Affinity, in addition to creating my composition. Some things were very frustrating, but I fell into a rhythm after I got the hang of things. I am very happy with the overall outcome, I think that the overall composition flows together very nicely.

Poster PDF

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