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Which examples are most important? Which examples influenced your design choices, and why?
The examples that are most important are the retro hippy ones. That is because the final song that I chose is a 70ds song, therefore the muted colors and lots of swirls and drawings were important. I also took the ones that had majority neutral colors with one bold color as my main sources of inspiration. I like the diversity in the color pallets and wanted that in my design regardless of the song.


  • Which songs did you consider and what led to your selection?

I was considering a halloween song and could not chose what do do. Then I realized we will be doing this project past Halloween, and switched to the 70ds song instead. For the reason of me just really not wanting to work with halloween material after it ended.

  • Show all of your rough ideas – thumbnail sketches and mind-maps

There is a group pdf link under here which shows my rough ideas and practices -“planning and designs”

planning and designs

  • Show your top 3 detailed drafts (colour, A4) (with any notes required to describe the concept)

I roughly drew out and outlined how certain styles would work.


  • Document the feedback process (show notes, sketches)


  • What was the feedback, what did you change in response to the feedback?

Teacher/helpful feedback:

At the very beginning of the project I got feedback on my paper size from Mr. Griffin, as we went on I also got feedback on how to change the colors scale, etc. These pieces of feedback actually helped me learn a lot of functions in Procreate. Such as, copy and pasting layers to new documents, and resizing images to fit the paper.

Peer feedback:

The picture shown below is my original piece I got feedback on. I think that since I was still in the middle of the process of creating my design, it was very nice to have some input on what to do as I moved forwards with my project. Since I also had to size up my original document, I got feedback such as “clean up the lines”. This type of feedback helped me make my project to the best of my abilities. Refer to “feedback-gd” for more information.

Growth in technical and design skills:

I learned how to use type terminology when analyzing fonts.

Embed a PNG of your finished poster

Include a link to download the full-sized PDF

Type_And_Lyrics 1


  • Using design terminology, how does your poster successfully communicate the style of the song?
  • How did you manipulate the typography to communicate?
  • Which design elements and principles are emphasized in your work and how does this help the communication and/or style of your poster?

I think that the cap height and kerning are a big part in the success of my design. Overall the affect of close together text appeals big and bold, like the song “You’re so vain”, which is basically a song that feels loud and bold. I think the alignment of the letters all having around the same cap height makes my piece look more structured and harmonious. The act of aligning the x height of the letters adds to the aesthetic in my opinion. I also traced different texts to get a feel for what certain fonts I liked and wanted to use. I used a variety of elements and principals. The ones that dominate my poster are color, contrast, and texture. The contrast of the warm colors onto the muted turquoise background makes the warm colors pop out. I think the muted pastels I chose mixed with brown look very hippy and rustic. In addition, the swirls add the wispy dreamy affect of “clouds in coffee”. Overall I feel that this as a success and turned out very nicely.

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  1. Hi Bella, your poster is so good!! Well done for continuing to develop and hone your aesthetic. Your pallet and self-reflection are super detailed. If you can, in the future, please try to include all the “stuff” in your blog – eg copy the feedback document and paste the text directly – it just makes it a little easier to get the full picture and creates a better experience for the reader. Super work overall!!

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