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Title: Flowers In The Attic

Author: V.C Andrews

Page #10

Response: I am at the very beginning of the book still, but so far it’s very engaging. How is the dad gone for weeks at a time for work? That is not realistic. Is this a true story? The prologue was a bit confusing if it was true or not. I think that her not wanting more siblings is reasonable. The reaction of her screaming and crying makes sense in this scenario as I would do the same thing if my mom suddenly told me she was having more kids. Especially since the mom has 2 already. Are the kids from a different dad? I am excited to see when the attic part of the title starts to play a part in my book.

Page #50

Response: I think my family can relate to the stress the mom is facing to see relatives. As the book has progressed I have seen multiple examples of the mom using repetition to emphasize her stress of having to live with her parents. And a father who has taken her out of his will. I am curious about how the grandmother is like because it says the mom used to write her bunches of letters with no response. I am so excited for them to finally arrive at the grandparent’s house!!


Over the break, I read a book called One Day In December by Josie Silver. It’s about how a girl has a love at first sight encounter and the man that she has been looking for, for nearly a year ends up being her best friend’s new surprise boyfriend that she is absolutely in love with.


Books I’ve read: summer I turned pretty series by Jenny Han, it ends with us by colleen hoover, and bully by Penelope douglas

b0oks I’m reading: NeverNever: the complete series by colleen hoover and Tarryn Fisher (page 235), and 101 essays that will change the way you think by Brianna Wiest (page 70)


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