House design

Imagine you are freezing in the pouring rain in the middle of the jungle and have no where to go. Our project was to create a shelter using scrap paper, construction paper, glue, scissors, and a ruler. Through this project I learned a lot about the design process, as this was my first ever “official” design project. I learned that I am really good at coming up with a basic plan and improving it as I go. I started off with a basic square house idea, which then migrated to a teepee design idea using stilts, which then changed to my final design of a bamboo/stilt house. I came up with the stilt idea because usually some sort of sturdy stilt is easy to hold up and support. Through that I also got plenty of feedback and time to bounce my ideas back and forth between friends as we went. For example, Anya told me to make an origami inspired roof, so I made a modified origami roof.

Since design is new to me, I do have some goals (SMART) I want to improve on. My first one is I want to improve on making a detailed prototype. I feel I was lacking in my prototype and that is why my house did not turn out the best that it could be. If I knew exactly what my prototype was and had everything laid out instead of half, I feel like it would really help me clarify my ideas and insure that I am making a quality design. Another big thing I need to do is document (writing, pictures) my design process and define my problem (user stories). I was lacking in that area, which is crucial to keeping organized and knowing what you could change or reflect on. All in all I think my first design project was a success and I am excited to start the next steps of our project!