Drama Songologue

In this “Choose Your Own Drama Project” I choose to do a songologue of two songs mixed. I originally just choose Stay Home By Big and Rich. Then I noticed how short it was after I tweaked it. So, I decided to mash it up with Good Job by Alicia Keyes. Note that I mixed them up and tweaked some lyrics so its not COMPLETELY the same.

This does mean a lot to me though, because the front line workers during this time are under a lot of stress and put under high expectations. They really are the people that some of our lives do depend on currently. Right now they are working miracles and I really do think that is amazing. I also choose Stay Home because it really is important to stay home and take care of yourself and family to get through this time. I am quite happy with how it turned out in the end! It was a great challenge and fun project!