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Felix in the Bloody American Revolution

I am Felix a self – obsessed person that doesn’t like to share anything with anyone and for a long time that is a habit is in me that I can’t help it. You can call me selfish or you can make fun of me being very stupid, sometimes I can also be very funny, and I can also hurt some people sometimes because pf my personality that I have. It was on March 5, 1770 when everyone was fighting for the tea It embodies my selfishness. I also support the colonists in the beginning and support the king at the end. So, this is what I’m like as a whole.

Many things have changed, like birth is not destiny. Whether you are born poor or wealthy you can still get a job. And also, Political power in the hands of ordinary man…. Whoever you are you can have the rights in your own hands. One more is freedom of worship… you can have freedom whenever you want, on the other hand, while many things have stayed the same are white rich man in charge and Rights of women, slaves, native Americans also Few people had rights to vote Generation had kept slavery alive Not until 1920 did women had rights to vote Southern stated protecting the institution of slavery. I wish you would like my journal! and thanks for reading my journal.

And We Will Never Be Royals


Welcome to the American Revolution. It is about people  paying taxes and people who  were forced to do the tar and feathering.  And also the different events that happened.

I hope you like it .


Shackles from the deep” the book you should read”

The name of my the book is shackles from the deep and the author of the book is micheal h cottman.The book is about the enslaved africans. and his ancestors.

the theme of my book is Slavery is aggressive and unfair to the African people . The africans lost their lives, their family, friends and country. Also in the book the quote saids ‘’in the 16th century tens and thousands of africans was transported to Europe and islands in the atlantic ocean. They were chained inside jam packed slave ships.’’(29)

You should read this book because it talks about the slave ship Henrietta Marie and it also talks about the enslaved people.

what i learned from this unit is how to find the theme statement of my book and the different methods of note taking.

The Devoted Boxers

The Boxers do not deserve a bad rap because the Boxers were trying to protect their  religion , culture and language.  During this event the Boxers also cut down railroads and also cut down telegraphs to stop the foreigners coming into China. The Boxers  also didn’t like the foreigners bringing in different languages and Christianity. For these reasons not letting the foreigners in and being protective, the devoted  Boxers we’re just trying to protect China .


magazine cover (hermia) by bindi
the author  is William Shakespeare. The character I chose was Hermia , I chose it because her personality is very close to me and she is a very nice and clever character.The story the project is based on midnight summer nights dream .I picked the image I used because the person in the image is very Similar to the actual character. I am proud of  how well I did the edition right and how well I did the magazine cover.

Amazing humanism

I think I am a 70% humanists because I learned it last year in the other school and also I like humanities very much. because its interesting and fun to learn.

The lazy little girl!

Being lazy won’t let your success and also you won’t want to move and work anymore. Basically, what happened in this story is a little girl that doesn’t like to work and also, she meets some animal friends that persuades her to go to work.  The main theme of the story is being lazy won’t help your success and working will help you a lot.

In the story the little girl who would not work by, Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, the author believes that laziness usually hinders people when they are growing up, growing up is important because you can learn from the mistakes that you were young.Her mom constantly reminds her to go to work and states that “even when you are a tiny girl you can learn to be busy (Bailey 1). This moment in the story her mother wants her to work because her mother wants her to success and don’t be lazy.As the story continues the little girl starts to work and be Industrious. Her animal friends constantly reminding her that she needs to work and states that “why, I am always working, gathering sweets and making the honeycomb for you. I have no time to play” (Bailey 2).  This moment when all the animals are working, they are having fun and enjoying themselves. If you don’t work, you will start to be lazy and fail.

in conclusion,  keep working dont stop keep going and don’t  give up and the most inportant don’t be lazy.

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External conflict on a fish

The found poem above was taken from the book fish cheeks by Amy Tan

It shows the  external  conflict between protagonist and the antagonist in the the first page and second page of the story.

    which the author and his family where having Christmas dinner and his boyfriend was being very rude.

    In the book the conflict is seen when “the author and his family was having Christmas dinner

Amy Tan page #1”. The conflict can also be seen when

“  Amy tan page#2.



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