Red Crisis

Time flied by so fast, the revolution was over in a blink of an eye. I still remembered the days in the Revolution. Many things changed during the revolution. For example, the Red Guards that was chaotic because Red Guards destroyed people’s homes. The Red Guards went down the countryside because leader Mao wanted to dismiss us. He thought we were too powerful. And later in 1977 Hua Guo Feng becomes the new leader of People Republic of China. I Hope in the future there will be no more revolution, wars and people dying. China can be a fabulous place if there are no more wars. Now China’s traditional and culture is like the same in the revolution.  But in China they’re all changing. The place looks better than before. Buildings starts to build up and there is more technology such as televisions. Also, there is more restaurants build than before.

I am Liu Hao Ran, I’m a compassionate person. I wrote this journal, because I want to keep my memories how is life in the Revolution. Please read my journal to know how  life about during the Chinese Revolution.

The Radical Revolution


In this video we talked about how is life in the Cultural Revolution and what happened from the cause of the revolution to The Great Leap Forward The Proletarians Cultural Revolution and The Power Struggles.

Boxers Of Opium War

Boxers shouldn’t get a bad reputation. They protect China from foreigners.   According to The Boxer Rebellion Timeline “Missionaries from Europe converts Chinese to foreign religion and destroyed their tradition”. This explains how the Boxers  protected China from converting to foreign religion. This evidence suggest that the foreigners should have a bad reputation because they were changing Chinese religion , tradition , and rules. This is not the Boxers fault because they were trying to help China.