Lightbox project !

For Our project we were asked to create a Lightbox of a place we love or couldn’t visit due to COVID for my light-box project I decided to create the landscape of a piece of a land that we bought in forest VA next to where I visit my cousins every single summer that I can.  Heres some photos of my piece. 🙂




Some of the different skills I used to create this light-box half of them of a software called Adobe Illustrator. Some of the skills i learned on this platform are how to round corners bind to shapes/icons we learned the outline of shapes and the color and fill. theres also the measurement aspect of adobe when we learned how to create a shape the size we wanted or the shape we want. we also learned how to import icons and extract the filled aspect of the shape into a useable idea. Some of the things I would change about my light-box is that I would make the colors a-lot darker. And put the LED’s in a space that would make my box really pop but If I were to keep My LED’s the way they are I would make the grass part a-lot shorter to make the LED’s get through. I really liked how this unit turned out and the product that came from it.

don’t brake unbroken

The book I read is called Unbroken by, Luara Hillenbrand. This book is about A Olympic athlete that in his past was a trouble maker but has been changed to a young man serving his country in WW2, the farther you get into the book the more interesting and compelling it gets to read. Courage frequently empowers the hope to move on and persevere through rough times. You should read this book because it is very memorable and interesting. I learned that non fiction can be fun to read!!!

Boxer Thinglink

During the Boxer Rebelion the Boxers deserve a bad reputation. Not only did the boxers kill two of the German missionaries but they also used a mine and brewed up the french legation centre and killed several of the french soliders. Making it mandatory to evacuate the embassy. Also they trapped the Chinese christians and other foreigners into a church for 55 days. With this information you can see that the Boxer do deserve a bad rap.

The Sound Of Thunder.


The Sound Of Thunder 

 Ray Bradbury



This was like nothing I’ve ever seen before a big piece of big piece of dinosaur meat hovering over me like a god hunting me down, he’s getting closer and closer and closer I shoot… and the mighty beast fell to his oily knees. A group of hunters go back in time to hunt the mighty tyrannosaurus rex. They are walking through the jungle, but the instructor has a couple of rules, “stay on the path! Don’t go off it … for any reason and don’t shoot any animal we don’t okay! And they found the tyrannosaurus rex and took him down.  


In the story The Sound of Thunder the author believes that listening to the professionals frequently helps keep people safe when they are in a dangerous situation.  ‘First a day then a night and then a day -night-day-night…A week a month a year a decade.” “Stay on the path don’t go off it! I repeat don’t go off it …for any reason! And don’t shoot any animal we don’t okay. “Stay on the path!”(Bradbury 2). Is supports my theme statement because the professional is telling the hunters instructions on how to keep them safe when they are back in time. Here he is again telling them to stay on the path, for god’s sake stay on the path!”” The jungle was wide and full of twittering rustling signs suddenly it all ceased as if someone had shut a door. Silence. Then … A sound of thunder…”” out of the mist came a tyrannosaurus rex.”” It came on great, oiled, resilient, striding legs. It towered twenty feet above trees a huge evil god folding its delicate watchmakers’ claws to its oily reptilian chest. each lower leg was a piston A thousand pounds of white bone sunk in thick ropes of muscle sheathed over in a gleam of pebbled skin Each thigh was a ton of meat ivory and steel mesh”.(Bradbury 4)Eckles stumbled blindly to the edge of the path and stepped off” Eckles broke one of the only rules the professional had to keep the future safe and yourself he has failed the professional and his men. Eckles has just notice that he stepped off the path and ruined the future family of a butterfly. 


Given These statements, I think the lesson learned in this story is that you should first listen to the professional in a dangerous situation because in this case you could ruin the future family of an animal/ insect. 






My Essay

Cell phones should be banned in school. 

Have you ever texted someone during school? What were the consequences? Cell phones should be banned because they are a distraction, they cause cyber bullying and, and you can’t trust students. 


Cell phones cause a distraction and draws attention to you, 

According to Oxford, when students use their cell phones to check social media and to text friends, it leads to distraction to the whole class. When you scroll your Instagram feed or text your friends it draws attention to you instead of the teacher. Most high school students have their phone twenty-four seven. The older the student the more likely to take ownership of having a phone. Research shows, 59.8 percent of fifth graders, 50.6 percent of fourth graders and 39.5 percent of third graders, took ownership/reported that they have a phone. In addition to cell phones being a distraction, cell phones can cause cyber bullying. 


Cell phones can cause cyber bulling in school times. 

According to, they found that 9.5 percent of children were reported of being cyber bulling. Can you imagine being cyber bullied. In addition, 49.6 percent of children have a phone in primary school. According to a paper ran by American journalist a teenage girl killed herself because 

She did not want to get cyber bullied ever again. Finally, some people think phones can be good but no. 


Cell phones can’t be used for good purposes it is a distraction, 

Cell phones can be used for education however, according to campus technology, 54 percent use them to text their friend’s 52 percent use them to browse social media. This can affect student’s ability to complete tasks and homework. Further evidence shows, Undergraduates asked to put their phone in another room did better on a test then students asked to turn them off and put them face down or in a bag. So, if you have your phone in your pocket and you’re taking an essay I recommend take a break and put it in your locker. 


Cell phones should be banned because they are a distraction the cause cyber bulling and students cannot be trusted. Cell phones can be used for good, but they are just as bad as hades.